• 4 March 2021
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This is crazy been  waiting on the phone for about an hour for  costumer support. 

2 replies


I accidently hit the “1” button that has the support folks call you back when someone is available.  Funny thing is after waiting about 30 minutes for the call back it then takes you to another waitlist and I was on hold for 65 minutes after the call back.  My issues were not resolved either.


You’re not the only Home Internet customer who can’t get through to T-Mobile. (See “Service Degrading Around Eureka, CA” for my sad story.

This might work: When I had trouble with a SIM card for my iPad mini a couple of years ago, and couldn’t get satisfaction, I wrote a letter to the president of T-Mobile. A nice young guy from the “office of the president” soon called me and set things right. 

Yesterday, I mailed the “Service Degrading Around Eureka, CA” thread in printed form to this address, which also works for the T-Mobile president:

T-Mobile Customer Relations

PO Box 37380

Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380

If all goes as I hope it will, I should get a response from T-Mobile, and they will get the message that they’re dropping the ball in T-Mobile Home Internet Land. Best of luck to both of us (and probably lots of others).