T-mobile 4G Gateway

  • 30 September 2021
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I have had numerous issues with the T-mobile Home Internet. After a lot of frustration, the solution T-mobile has suggested is that I return the 5G gateway and they will send me the 4G gateway (white box).

The primary reason for this is because they say that with the 4G gateway, I will not need to use the T-mobile personal cellspot to get a signal inside my house. 

I am going on blind faith that what they say is true but, do any of you have any experience with the older 4G gateway? Does it transmit a signal that my cellphone can use? 

Also, any ballpark ideas on speed available through those older gateways? 

1 reply

I just visited a Verizon store and switching over to their service and getting their jetpack will provide more cost effective and spare you the headache of the connectivity issues!