T-mobile 5g home internet forcing to tower with no data issues/changing towers/bands


switching towers/bands --Hello I just got my 5g router in the mail 2 days ago the first day was a complete bust i had 3 bars but the connection was horrible/non existent so i tried did some research and used the app looking for the best signals and everything moving this thing all over for hours-still 3 bars and i would think thats enough I literally could not even get it to load speedtest before or a webpage hardly no connecting to anything basically when its on this band/tower not even the web user interface it also only has a primary connection and no secondary the primary is b71 and the secondary is not connected. then i just left it alone and randomly tried it and it only had 2 bars this time-weak according to the app but it actually loaded a webpage then i managed to get 50mbps on a speedtest and watch some youtube on 4k! i was feeling good i looked at the web interface and noticed i was not on the same band anymore and the primary b66 and secondary n71 bands and then bam it switched back to the b71 with no secondary connection and basically no data connection at all-witch i found out is a different tower than the one with b66 and n71. so i noticed it seems to kick me off this tower almost all day i have no connection because its connecting to this other tower that doesnt seem to even work this is very consistent everything like steam/xbox live/speedtest or anything else disconnects as soon as this switch happens i really dont want to call support and i thinks its crappy that you can sign up with this through a chat box but you cant get support through the chat kind of ridiculous also the tower with the b71 also has 5g on it but im not connecting to it. so it seems like there forcing me on a tower with no data connection all day long then around 10 pm it works decent all night so far im not sure this is something you could consider a home internet solution maybe the tower is being worked on or something i really dont know im sure i will have to call at some point because i need internet during the day too lol. im in central wisconsin sorry for the long post just needed to put this out there! and maybe someone knows something… 

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update-I did a factory reset and also added a computer fan on the bottom it does seem to be staying on the right bands now but i still am having very inconsistent well basically it consistently doesnt work lol.

i notice in the statistics im getting alot of sent errors ive tried changing the ssid and disabling it so im only on 2.4ghz or only on 5g or both most of the time i cant even load a webpage and had to resort to my phones mobile hotspot just to get on this page again.

the 5g router seems like its constantly dropping signals or something most of the time the error says connection interrupted or dns proxy errors. this is just working so bad i im not sure if my 5g silver router is even functional-its just weird that it works fine all night long but it doesnt work at all during the day it really seems like t-mobile is stopping the connection.

 the fan on the bottom made this thing run cool to the touch-it was very warm almost hot before the fan was added.

im not really sure what to say or do anymore im really frustrated at this point i should be getting a external router today to try and use a eithernet to the external router and run all my connections off of that this 5g router doesnt seem to be stable at all-how does it work at night but not during the day? this is ridiculous to me lol


From What I have read or seen on YouTube is that it depends on the time of day and on the traffic coming from the tower.  That is what I have been hearing. Remember that this is also a mobile Internet service not your regular Internet service coming from Xfinity or Verizon Fios. The speeds will vary based on the time of day.

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Might fair better if you can get them to put you on the 4g whitebox.  A lot of people seem to be having issues specific to those gray 5g units.


I am equidistant to several sites, and while I sometimes may notice a pause when it flips towers, it usually isn't bad enough to throw me out of stuff.

Keep in mind also that their 5g is NOT standalone... meaning you are still reliant on 4g even when using 5g (ie, can still be prone to the same congestion issues regardless).


Also note that this is the lower bands for 5g in most cases, not the higher mm wave option (average throughout throughout the day has been seen to be considerably less than a 100mbps difference in some cases).


In other words, some people are really only experiencing a dramatic difference when traffic is considerably lighter... during the day and other peak time frames they are performing pretty close to each other in overall throughput over time.


Hello! thanks for a response-honestly i do think some of it is congestion/time of day but the service doesnt even load a webpage or connect to there own website 98% of the time.

I have used phone mobile hotspots for my internet the last 3-4 years and nothing has worked this poorly to be honest to even read and type this im on my visable cell phone hotspot and it works great it is just slower 1-5 mbps during the day but it is constant and there is not any delays or disconections at all 0- i also only get 1 little tiny bar of service on this cell phone also the ping stays between 90-200 usally.

on this t-mobile 5g internet it just doesnt seem to be able to make a connection to any websites or even perform a speedtest the majority of the time and when it does work theres just this weird delay like i click on something and 10 seconds later the page loads ping times on fast are measured in seconds not ms so there seems to be some sort of huge delay somewere along the line.


i do seem to be holding the b66 and n71 bands after a factory reset even during the day today but it still is not connecting to most websites or steam/xbox live im sure if i tried and sort of zoom call it would not work as well like i said i cant even get on t-mobiles website with it-

also the upload speed seems to not work at all like its not letting any uploads go through when i do get a speedtest or fast to work the upload speed is like 50kbps and usally it says 0 and errors out the test.

anyways i dont think they should be advertising it as home internet and really i think its probably working worse then a cell phone hotspot plan it seems really odd i still havnt called customer support but i will have to one of these days. 


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Cell phones get top priority once utilization reaches a certain threshold.  Don't know what that level is exactly, but home internet packets will get heavily queued when it happens (you can see the jitter factors go through the roof when it kicks in).  If it holds them long enough you risk timeouts depending on the application's tolerance for delayed packets.


Thus, the <usual> culprit is the congestion level.  Not necessarily for the wireless, but it can also be on the back haul as well.  A single tower can host multiple bands at the same location, all feeding into the same upstream pipeline.  Which can lead to a massive chokepoint under high utilization.


As a result, lately TMO seems to be wrangling with a capacity issue more so than coverage.


Yea i wish i could actually get a web page to load while im connected to the 5g router after messing with it for a hour or 2 again nothing couldnt load a webpage the whole time my xbox says i need to contact my isp and windows says my router or access point is the issue.

i mean i get slowing things down but it straight up wont even load anything today but its connected on primary and secondary to what was the good tower b66 primary and n71 secondary so it doesnt seem to be a tower/band problem i dont think 

also i live in a pretty small area its mostly farm land and most people around here hate t-mobile lol and use verizon or at&t so i thought the congestion would be lower also those providers do not offer any of there home internet solutions where im at

the only thing i found is the visible cell phone with unlimited hotspot and honestly its 10000 times better than this even at 1 mbps this is not even functional- im really starting to think the router i got might just be a dud as well although its weird that its worked ok after midnight -6 am so maybe there just blocking my connection 70% of the day

i feel like i have fairly low expectations to be honest  im looking for a 5-10 mbps connection it wont even connect to anything to get a speed test anymore. i also find it really weird how low the upload is and seems like a serious problem like non of my requests are even getting through the router when i use it at night

i will have like 3 gb of download data used and 4 mb of upload and tons of sent errors in the statistics when i have got the upload to register on a speed test it is usually 50-100 kbps this seems like it would cause alot of issues. 

its just so disappointing and sounds crazy that they prioritize the cell phones that have throttling and limited data but basically block the service that is advertised as unthrottled and unlimited i guess they just straight up block your service instead.

the only other thing i can come up with is my router is broken. ive probably spent 20-30 hours troubleshooting this in the last 3 days between all the reading and moving it around changing settings a mtu size looking for best signals tracking down the towers and factory resets- rebooting i have a external router coming today

i will try the ethernet connection to the router and turn off all the wifi ssid on the t-mobile router and see if it will work like that but so far i just dont even know what to say im shocked at this to be honest

its broken is my opinion weather its the router thats broken or its t-mobiles severice i do not know yet 


So just to update-I purchased a external router and shut off all the wifi on the t-mobile router and just ran the ethernet to the external router and used that for wifi i dont get any of the sent errors anymore that i was getting when using the wifi on the t-mobile router on the statistics section-still no internet during the day

again i have 0 connectivity today worked all night long after 10 pm getting about 40mbps download and .50 kbps upload...extremely slow upload in all cases so far and basically only a connection availible for 8 hours a night then they stop all the data from getting through like they flip a switch everything disconnects like xbox live/steam anything you were watching or loading at the time and doesnt come back till around 10 pm regardless of how many times you factory reset or move the device around

the device is staying connected to the primary and secondary pretty much the whole time now from what i can tell. 

 so to compare right now i have to use my visible cell phone mobile hotspot that has 1 bar of signal and just got a 3 mbps download and 1 mbps upload and 130 ping(at night this also works much better up to 30-40mbps) and its working 1000x better than the t-mobile home internet and even if its slow the ping doesnt ever go past 200-300 in a spike even when the t-mobile home internet is working at night there is a really strange delay in everything that i have never experienced on any internet connection not even dial up

i know this is harsh but dial up is actually going to give me a better gaming experience than the t-mobile home internet service im getting right now on dial up i had steady 250 ping t-mobile is seconds before your request even gets through-you click a webpage and you dont even know if your mouse click went threw or not it just hangs then 5 seconds later then page changes and starts loading you can also still web browse on dial up 24 hours  a day lol not just 8 hours a night.

so clearly some people are having pretty huge issues getting any connection at all and some people are upset about having 50 mbps and not 300 lol ive always had really poor internet and this is by far the worst experience ive ever had with just general web browsing - not to mention it will not hold a stable connection to any game even at night time.

i really hope it doesnt seem like im bashing this to hard i really want this to work out and i hope something is going to change but honestly im pretty broke right now and i was supposed to drop what i use currently for internet to pay for this but the t-mobile internet is not ready and honestly i feel like until i get 24 hours a day service i should not being paying 50$ a month for internet 8 hours a day that is limited to streaming movies and web browsing-no gaming usally wont even connect to steam so i cant even open the games without the connection.

im trying to put my experience out there and what i have tried/used myself so others can possibly make a more informed decision and also so i might get some help - sorry for the grammar as well lol ive wrote more in the last 3 days then i have in the last 5 years put together -Thanks


I’m having EXACTLY the same issues you stated above.  Also using the NOK5G21 gateway, connecting B66 primary (5 bars) and n71 secondary (3 bars).   Countless tickets with tech support, nothing corrected, nothing resolved. Finally made complaint with FCC which prompted a call back from a “t-mobile senior customer service rep”. This rep told me that my area is not compatible with the 5G gateway and I should not have been given option to use this unit. Apparently (according to him), the 5G signal keeps bumping the LTE signal offline, causing the unit to loose internet connection. He said this is a know problem in certain areas with this gateway.  He further said that the only remedy is to roll back to the older LTE gateway which will not be competing with two different bands.  I have one being sent to me now. I will test it once received and hopefully issues will be gone. I’m also expecting a little slower speeds compared to the 5G unit, but as long as the are fast enough for basic internet stuff, I’ll take that trade off for a stable connection.  I’ll try to post an update once I’ve tested the LTE gateway. 

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I just want to reply to this thread and update my own experience. Even though the router still has its own issues, my service has improved drastically this past week. It seems that they have or are in the process of upgrading the towers in my area. My phones and home internet have been connecting to several bands I've never seen before. My speeds are ranging from 15 mbs to 150mbs consistently, even when it's back on band 12. I was lucky to get 1mbs before. My cell phone was barely working (5g), my tablet (4g) seemed to be better. Our work cell phones (Sprint) have been horrible, even after the new sim cards and upgrading the phones. Whatever they are doing is starting to show improved service and speeds. The connection seems to be much more stable on all devices. I was really hating T-Mobile recently. I hope this continues and improves. I haven't returned my white LTE Gateway yet because the new router seemed so bad. I hooked it back up the other night and realized that most of my issues recently are the actual towers. How the High Speed Gateway is working so much better and improved from when I first got it. This doesn't fix everything and I'm hoping they continue to upgrade the firmware to allow us to change important settings. 


Thanks for the update. I also wanted to add that I live in a rural area, mostly farms.  During one of my many tech support calls, I was told that a tower in the next town is off-line and all those customers have all been pushed to my tower, thereby possibly causing a congestion issue. I’ve been told so many different excuses by so many techs that I don’t know what to believe anymore. My problems started earlier April and have continued ever since. Prior to April, everything was working great without issues.  This neighboring tower is still allegedly off-line, so not sure when or if it will ever be repaired. Even so, I’m not certain that my problems are even related this.  I’m loosing patients and running out of options.  I also wanted to add…T-Mobile home internet tech support is clueless. They are just trained to follow a step-by-step checklist that a 6th grade child can do. They are not “real” experts and definitely not engineers.  Because of this, we are all forced to get assistance from each other through these community forums.  I apologize that my frustration is coming out as I write this post. 


Hello thank you everyone for sharing there experience and i hope you all continue to give updates.

@LPD155 Im really curious that you say you weren't supposed to be on the 5 g device and that they recommend you roll back the 4g lte router-i was very surprised to see 5g in my area and its a pretty small area so i dont know how fast upgrades/updates would be coming around this area honestly ive had pretty good speeds on 4g myself 50-100 mbps and it was usually fairly stable so it would be really awesome if you could update back when you try it out- i think its pretty normal to be frustrated in situations when your constantly having issues with a service you pay for i too am having these feelings of frustration and im sure many more are as well.   

@justintyme2 Thats great to hear you are getting better service this past week-im hoping that they are just working on the towers in the area myself so im trying to be patient-i was actually on sprint a few years ago and it worked really good in my area then i switched to boost mobile that was on the sprint network-it worked really great up until…. the merger for some reason i never knew it was with service has been horrible on that phone the past year although i read direct tv or dish network or something bought boost mobile so im not sure it was related to t-mobile-the ip comes up as t-mobile on speedtest this worries me because its been having really bad service for awhile now im hoping its not related to my current issues with home internet-i have pretty much all the same issues on this cell phone service hardly works

- the thing thats really weird is when sprint was involved i had full bars and great speeds/service on 4g i have heard recently t-mobile will be shutting off all the sprint towers this seems a bit crazy when some areas could have decent service using those towers and i worry the area im in wont be getting any upgrades for a long time im guessing ah well i guess im not sure exactly were i was going with that anymore Lol

So Saturday june 12th, i decided to try the router at 7 pm this normally doesnt work and i just switch back to my cell phone hotspot but it actually worked decently well good enough to watch hd streaming still would not work for gaming as the ping times just idk seem to be really terrible but it actually was functional and useable so thats a big step forward compared to previous attempts=0 connection basically maybe a webpage would load every 5 mins. 

I actually fell asleep with it streaming videos to my surprise it was still working when i woke up at 10 am i searched around and watched some random youtube videos-around 11 30 am i started getting alot of buffering and it did change towers/bands to b71 no secondary for a couple mins but went back to the other tower with b66 n71 bands connected still was buffering a lot at 480p so i switched back to my cell phone hotspot for the day-it does oddly seem to be getting slightly better everyday for some odd reason i feel like they got me on the nights and weekend plan by mistake lol 

Thanks again for sharing everyone please feel free to share/update/vent or give tips or ideas -i think it could help someone else possibly having problems and the more information thats out there the better in my opinion.


I received the LTE gateway…nothing good to report. I’m getting about 5Mbps (and below) down and about the same up.  I think my T-Mobile home internet experience is coming to an end very soon. I can no longer telework with these horrendous internet connections. The 5G gateway continues to loose connection with the tower (even though I have 5 bars primary and 3 bars secondary connections).  Now with the LTE gateway being a bust…I think it’s time to go back to my previous fixed wireless. Never thought it would come to that. I have 3 ISP options where I live…satellite (not Starlink), fixed wireless & T-Mobile home internet. The satellite was absolutely terrible with high latency and data cap throttle back, this was a big show stopper. Fixed wireless was somewhat stable at around 15-20 down & 5 up with numerous weather related outages.  T-Mobile now has very unstable connections with no improvement in site. T-Mobile refuses to acknowledge that there is a problem with their tower, which means that’ll never fix it.  So again, my T-Mobile home internet experience is coming to an end.  I’ll go back to fixed wireless and wait for Starlink to come online. 


@LPD155 Well that sucks to hear the lte gateway didnt help anything. I myself haven't even tried the my 5g device out today because its just to frustrating lol

I have been holding both the primary and secondary connections pretty steady for while not sure if the fan blowing in the bottom helped with that or not either way it doesnt really work during the day-it certainly seems like something t-mobile is doing on there end.

Im pretty sure i read somewhere that this home internet service  is the lowest priority service that is associated with t-mobile -meaning every other small offshoot cell phone brand like metro pcs and us mobile and a whole list of other small carriers get higher priority to the cell towers than t-mobile home internet users-this is outrageous to me-they offer a unlimited unthrottled service yet they make it so you cant actually use it a good portion of the time.



So just to update-I purchased a external router and shut off all the wifi on the t-mobile router and just ran the ethernet to the external router and used that for wifi i dont get any of the sent errors anymore that i was getting when using the wifi on the t-mobile router on the statistics section-still no internet during the day


How on earth did you disable the wifi router portion of the gateway? There’s no option for that in the web ui…


Edit: Never mind, I’m an idiot LOL