T-Mobile Home dropping Internet

  • 30 August 2021
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T-Mobile Home service started dropping internet service and support is giving us the run around!   Anyone else experiencing this and any advice before we switch to another carrier?

Here is our story:  

Really liked the idea of T-mobile Home, so we switch our unlimited cell service from Verizon to T-mobile and then added T-mobile Home 9 months ago.   We were extremely pleased with cell, home internet and support.  

Then a few weeks ago it all went bad.   The 5G network started dropping internet, infrequently at first but lately as much as 3-4 times an hour.  

Cell Phone - no problem just got off 5G, 4G network much more reliable.

Home Internet -  this is a bigger problem, so far support has claimed:

  1.  Home device can not be change to work on 4G network
  2.  Support originally told us routine Maintenance on network was causing problem, this  was not true as it happens primarily at night outside maintenance window.
  3. Support then told us “firmware out of date, claimed it would be updated and solve all our problems in 24 hours.  This obviously didn’t work either…

So I guess I will try one last time with support, but as you all know this means hours of time on hold and getting shuffled between multiple people.    Anyone have any advice or run into this problem?

Appreciate any advice!

8 replies

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You may be running into an overheating issue.



I don’t believe this is an over heating issue.  The device does not feel hot at all and it is in a cool place.   Also now that I have begun to Researching this issue, I have found many people are experiencing the same thing.  And “over heating” appears to be the standard T-mobile response, but customers, many of whom install cooling fans, all claim this does not solve the issue.   

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I actually recommend the overheating issue on the forums a lot and I am not affiliated with T-Mobile.  I’ve never heard of T-Mobile acknowledging an overheating issue.  The overheating issue is also not usually detectable by touch and it’s not helped by a cooler room.  Although I’ve suggested adding a fan on several posts, I’ve only heard a couple follow-up posts that followed through and they were successful.


Thanks for your note.   I obviously can’t check other forums, in this community you have recommended the “over heating “ issue numerous times and I can’t find a single instance where it fixed the problem.   Device is cool, room is cool, also it doesn’t fit with the timing of the problem.

My wife and I both work from home, due to COVID.   We use the internet all day long with no problems.   Then between 6:30 - 7:00pm, it starts to drop internet.   3-4 times an hour until around 9-9:30 pm.  

Seems to me this has something to due with bandwidth of the T-mobile network.   Question remains is there anything we can do about it?   

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Here’s a recent success story that involved adding a fan.

With your drops happening during a specific time period every day I can see it potentially being related to network congestion.  But also since it’s towards the end of the day I could see it being a build-up of heat and maybe the modem having to fight harder for its signal to get back to the tower.  If it’s a congestion issue, there’s probably not much you can do.  If it’s an overheating issue, then a cheap fan could be the answer.

...I’ve only heard a couple follow-up posts that followed through and they were successful.

Well, I’ll be your first “didn’t work.” Fan didn’t make any difference at all--tried one on bottom, then one on bottom and one on top. Problem persists even after .1609 firmware update. Gateway shipped with .0178.  Service good when working, but daily reboots to get internet back is tiring. Just glad I’m not a gamer. Having to reboot while watching a movie is frustrating enough. Losing internet in the middle of a game would be even worse.

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I’ve not really had any freeze up issues since adding my fans.  More recently I’ve been documenting small rotations when I do need to reboot in order to improve my reception.  My current angle has kept me on n41 for 9.5 days now which is great.  However, I am still on software 1.2003.03.0178.  If I start having problems when my update gets pushed out I will definitely post about it.


I’ve heard that turning off the WiFi on the T-Mobile Internet Gateway and just using another WiFi router helps with the heat issue.