T-Mobile Home Internet Plus TP-Link Deco Wifi 6 Mesh

  • 10 October 2021
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I just bought a TP-Link Deco WIFI 6 mesh and it looks like the setting (Overview) page have a bug.


My General setup :

Router and Extender - 1st Floor

Router and Extender - 2nd floor - Connected to T-Mobile with Ethernet



As you can see here I have 10 devices connected to TP-Link via WiFi, but it shows connected Ethernet.


TP-Link is on AP config.


Can’t complain much as I get 500 Mbps d/l and 50 Mbps u/l. Real world steam download is 50 Mbps d/l.



1 reply

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I don’t believe this is a bug.


The T-Mobile gateway is showing the 10 devices as ethernet becuase it sees them coming through the ethernet port on which your TP-Link is connected.

It looks like you have 3 devices using the gateway WiFi. You may want to consider disabling WiFi on the gateway and having all wireless devices use the TP-Link as people have reported that this can help reduce the number of gateway disconnects that some are experiencing. But if you have not been experiencing any disconnects - then maybe all is well as it is.