T-mobile home internet poor experience so far

  • 10 April 2021
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It's not quite ready for prime time for dependability. Have to reboot device often. :(. Don't cut your cord yet. When up is fast, but has sudden drops in service that are very annoying. Appears is great for beginners, out of box internet in few minutes. Apps like Facebook, roku suddenly start waiting to load out of nowhere. It's early, hopefully improves. It at least allows us to drop att dsl as our redundant isp. 

8 replies


Open the router page on your phone and walk around your house while it’s plugged up to find a good place to set it. this is the router page and is how I go about optimizing the connection. 

When its good it’s good, the problem is it’s mostly not good. I want to live stream to twitch and youtube and attempt to start a career online but having an unstable connection is really killing it for me. 

I think that I’ve been experiencing the same thing.  I get short dropouts every hour or sooner.  I see them on both the WiFi and the Cat5e connections.  Diagnostics indicate that the fault is in the cellular connection.  No one in tech support seems to have a clue about what to do other than send a new gateway.


My NOK 5g21 seems to work fine for me, but for now, I only get 4g which is around 40 mbs down and 20 mbs up. I think the actual gateway works fine if you have solid nearby cell towers.

I’ve no complaints on speed.  Usually <85MB/s down and 35MB/s up.  It is the drop out that is killing me.  Many, many short losses of cellular signal.  TMOB “support” says my signal is adequate and I do have a 5g tower connection on secondary.

Same issue and I'm about a mile from the 5G tower and I think the gateway software is not ready for prime time. In my case I don't have any other ISP options. It'll be a bumpy ride with long hours waiting for customer non-support to basically nicely tell you that you're on your own. Very frustrating. 


Here at home is only two bars, t-mobile phone much better. I hooked up 12v a/c converter and plugged the gateway in, then drove to nearby towers on Cellmapper.net and did have 4-5 bars signal of course within eyesight of each tower, but still lag on Facebook loads and other apps. Switching phone from wifi back to mobile data and phone was fine. Probably needs some firmware tweaks. My home tower did have recent modernization upgrades per t-mobile. Though use NR NSA which I believe is like virtual 5g running over Lte so may not be related too, not sure. Ironically streaming and large app upgrades were fine, just occasionally youtube premium acts like can't find signal several times. Enough so that is annoying. We'll run a while longer before deciding if returns are in order. It was replacing our dsl which is incredibly slow but much more dependable for our work from home vpn needs. We have a wispnet provider as well that is our primary isp. I was sure hoping t-mobile was going to be our solution, but appears may have to give starlink a try too. Such a pain living in rural America, fiber is near but out of reach.. 

I have had my gateway’s for nearly 3 months and have been having no luck with my service. The first was deemed defective, so they sent me a refurbished replacement. So I was without T-mobile service for 10 days waiting for a replacement. Slow and unreliable internet is what i have had since then.

Since I have had the T-Mobile Home internet I had a 4 day window when speeds were 50-122 Mbps download. Outside that I have had from 2-20 Mbps. The speeds are bad enough, but the service isn’t reliable for me either.

I did not give up my Centurylink DSL and may have to just give up on T-Mobile and cancel this service. They quoted me 25-50 and I don’t see that happening again. Two towers near me have been recently been upgraded to 5G and that didn’t make a difference. They keep telling me that the towers have had issues, then they are fixed, but the only thing that was fixed was the reliability has gotten a bit better, but the speeds have not.

This weekend they did the rollout of the T-mobile home internet and stated that average customers are getting 100 Mbps and some much higher. I live in a metro area with 2 5G towers less than a mile from me and I can’t get 20 Mbps. 

With my experience I would NOT recommend signing up for this service and am actually getting ready to pull the plug. I think 3 months of slow/unreliable internet is enough. In fact, I just lost internet while typing this message and it is 2:30 in the afternoon.

T-Mobile - if anyone is listening, please help!


Drops are too much and to keep vpn connection working properly, tower probably needs to be SA not NSA I expect.  Appears probably have to send back my gateway as well.  when working is great, but spikes show the story well. Expect just works best for those close to towers, going to need a lot more towers. Spikes are nearly same duration often times, strange.