T-Mobile Home Internet - seasonal suspension

  • 29 October 2021
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I am using T-Mobile Home Internet at a 2nd home that I occupy for 6 months a year.  Is it possible to “suspend” the internet service during the time the home is not being used and keep the equipment?  I don’t want to pay for the service when I am not there.  Otherwise I would have to cancel the account, return the equipment and then open a new account with new equipment every six months and this will probably result in a problem.



4 replies


I had the same question and was told I’d have to turn it in, then in six months create a new account.  Also cancel my account in AZ when I return to IA.  Bummer.


Now, a friend from Kansas City Carrie’s his unit back and forth and it seems like if works fine.


in the app you can suspend service 2x a year up to 3 months.  i would bring it with me. i drove around in my car and worked well lol.


We use our T-Mobile High Speed Internet Gateway in our Motorhome, take it with us everywhere. There really isn’t any set location at all. The overall speed is determined by the availability of the 4G & 5G signal strength but it’s worked in many many campgrounds.

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Have a look here: