T-Mobile Home Internet - Setup Fixed IP

  • 18 May 2022
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How can I set FIXED IP’s? I need fixed IP for my printer and cloud device, because with DHCP, every time I restart devices, with random IP, I lose mappings and have to refresh settings all the time.

1 reply

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Need more details, but here are my assumptions and suggestions:

First, if your devices had static IP addresses from your previous internet gateway/router, it is highly likely that it was using a different subnet than TMO gateway/router. Unfortunately, there is no feature in the TMO gateway/router where you can change the subnet address.

If this is the case for you, then you could try adding a separate router and then creating the required subnet and static IPs on the new router. You will need to connect your router to the ethernet port of your TMO gateway and then set your new router to DHCP. Yes, you will have 2 layers of DHCP (TMO + new router), but it should work. However, several users that tried this have reported various apps and devices not working. Search for “double NAT” and see if any devices or apps you use show up for more details.