T-mobile Home Internet Speeds

  • 28 June 2022
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Is anyone else having home internet speeds far less than advertised during the day?  I’m talking about under 3 Mbps down & up.


During the day I work from home and rely on internet to be at least decent to keep the workday going. 


It doesn’t help me so much my speeds are 500+ Mbps at 2:03AM.  


3 replies

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Assuming both measurements are connected to the same towers, this would indicate that your cell towers get overloaded by cell traffic during business hours. There is nothing you can do from your equipment side to solve this. If you can check bandwidth from your cellphone to the cell tower, you can confirm it’s a cell tower issue. Contact TMO support and see what they can do for you from the tower ends.

Same thing happens to me. I get 100 KBPS from 8am to 8pm. Then 300mbps. Ridiculous. Doesn't help when the toddler is losing their sh*t because gabbys dollhouse on Netflix froze then turned off and ther e s nothing I can do to fix it.

Mine just startd having lower speeds ( <3Mbps). Calls for help led to speeds dropping even further ( .5 Mbps)

No resolution except replace gateway or  reason why the extreme slow down now.  So disappointed since it was so good in the beginning.  Southeast Michigan