T Mobile Internet experiences in western Minneapolis suburbs

  • 23 March 2021
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I just ordered TMobile’s internet service and should receive the modem/router in the next few days. I wish I would have found this forum sooner. We currently have Xfinity but the cost is becoming prohibitive. I am hoping TMobile will provide a good internet experience but after reading complaints on here I am not so sure.

My spouse uses internet for his work so it cannot be intermittent or unavailable… it needs to work. I would like to hear if anyone is having good experiences or if I should just return before opening. I do plan on keeping our current Xfinity account for a few weeks to make sure.  Thanks for your help!



3 replies

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you got time to test it out for a week or so maybe and if it doesn’t work out… send it back.. just contact the number they provide in the instructions and request to cancel and they’ll email you a shipping label to return it.

won’t hurt to try it out.

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Many people have reported issues trying to use their company’s VPN with T-Mobile Internet. This is one of the first things I’d test.

I just received my device today… we’re in the Elk River area. Speeds have been phenomenal so far (~140 down/40 up) compared to our Windstream DSL!

Latency looks good and stable (around 45-60ms on a sustained ping)

Since I have about 25 days before the first bill comes I’ll test it out well. I was told that I can “choose not to pay” at that point and just send the device back.