T Mobile Router gives incorrect location to Google Mesh

  • 21 November 2021
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So I got tire of Cox internet. I had really great luck with T Mobile for my cellular. I went tot he store and got the box. I have a lot of stuff in my house the most important was the Google Mesh. We use it everywhere. I replace the Cox modem with the Tmobile one and everything went really easy. It seemed to be okay until we noticed the temperature the mesh was reporting was entirely too warm. When I asked the mesh where it was located it told me 600 miles south of where I was (Miami). I played for a long time with resets and configurations. Here was the final result. I reset the Tmobile box and ask the time. I get correct local time. I then ask the mesh where I am and it gives random major cities (Miami, Atlanta, Dallas). Then if I ask the time again I get the time in that city.

I called the service number and really didn’t get anywhere. I had difficult time explaining the difference between wifi and Ethernet cables. The mesh only knows what is coming down the cable. The fact my phone maps work is unrelated. I’m fairly sure this can be fixed but I may just take it back and go back to COX.


4 replies


I took it a step farther and forgot about the mesh. I went to my computer and ran some software called “whereamI” The results were the same. I showed up in Miami Florida. I reset the Tmobile box and the second time I was in North Carolina as confirmed by the program and the mesh. I did it again and went back to Miami.


One more step. I took the modem back and got another. It has the same problem. I have one computer plugged into the modem with an Ethernet cable. When I run any one of many programs to give location it comes back very far away. every time I power the box off and back on it comes back in a different place. This means I can not use my MESH for weather, time or any sort of alarms. For the 1st time in history Google has no idea where I am. The modem will not work with MESH. If they fix it I will come back and let you all know


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For some reason I am having trouble with the grand finale. Tmobile says that they can’t help me. As best I can tell the real internet that is connected with the cable shows the location of the mother-ship Tmobile office that is the basis for the cellular signal. Not the tower. So there is no fix for this problem. They talked about setting the mesh to another default gateway but said that had to be done by google.That would still only fix the mesh location not anything else on the network.

So I think we have proven that the TMobile internet service is not compatible with the Google Mesh. I hate that. I have a lot of smart devices that work off of the mesh. I really want my alarm clock, weather and other functions to be local.