T mobile tech support is just incredible

  • 6 January 2022
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I had to call 4 times today (all to 844-275-9310) with my new 5G Gateway.

  1. First call at 12:01 (22 min) because my new gateway wont connect despite of my cell phone saying it was “activated” (and only after like 12 times).  The guy never tried to activate my new sim but told me to move the old sim card from LTE to the new one and it worked…
  2. for 3 hours. I called again at 3:59 (16 min) and the lady says I should move the new sim card back to the new gateway which I did not want to do. She then, instead of activating my gateway SIM, inactivated my cell phone! My call was dropped in the middle with my phone saying “sim card not found”. I tried rebooting my phone, reinserting my sim card and no help.  I swapped the sim cards between the new and old gateway and neither would work. It appears someone inactivated my old wifi sim card after 3 hours of use and new one was not yet fully activated (despite the phone app saying it was).
  3. had to call again using my wife’s cell (imaging if I donot have one extra cell phone!), and the third person fixed my sim card first (I got texts saying it was reconfigured), and then also my gateway. She promised me that I should not be making another call today.
  4. The 2nd lady called back to ask me if everything was fixed and I told her that she messed my phone sim, which she denied or did not even understand!
  5. but the gateway again dropped off, and I had to call a 4th time! I rebooted the gateway before a call back and it was working. this third lady says it will never happen again and this happens because of a new router….

with reconfiguring all my devices and 2 printers, today I accomplished nothing else other than dealing the constant dropping-off of the gateway….I truely hope this wont happen again...my old device was better and had no problem even on the first day.

7 replies

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Amazing T-MOBILE by FaR has the worst customer service I ever seen from any of the big phone companies, we have all experienced this stuff, hell, it’s been a year and they still can’t fix my online account so I can log in to it.. I don’t even bother anymore.. I GIVE THEM A BIG FAT “F” for customer service. Tired of hearing apologies just fix our SH*t that all we want..


you can always rate them on the BBB

The tech support replies are scary. Does Tmobile want this...fix it

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it used to be better, now it takes half an hour just to go through the script (and stop asking me how was my day, you are not my friend)

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Well, that same router kept rebooting it self about once a day and I posted one comment on FB and right away someone contacted me.

A 2nd unit was sent but it was refurbished and also not stable (stuck twice in 2 days). But when it was working it was much faster than the other unit (reaching 200 Mpbs) while the 1st one only about 120.

I am waiting for a 3rd unit to arrive today.


this website and the concept of T Mobile experts answering technical questions is only an appearance.

the whole concept is to sell you another device either a newer phone or another router with another set of problems that they wont resolve . it is a vicious cycle.  it is best to go to Ubrokeitwefixit or similar that really are experts in solving technical issues without pushing you to buy new devices or get a refurbished device. 


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I’ve been a T-Mobile cell phone customer for about 20 years. IMO, when John Legere stepped down two years ago, T-Mo started a long decline to where it is today. Customer service used to be a top priority back when. It does not appear to be a top-ten issue any more.

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my third unit was also “bad” (rebooting once a day). but 2nd unit was worse so I sent the 2nd one back. third unit suddenly became ok after firmware updated to 1.2103.00.0338. Last time it was 16 days with no reboot (I am now traveling with my wife checking it).

Funny one tech support on FB said my house was not on the map so no 5G there anyway...but I do get 4 bars upstairs (but speed was lower than 1st floor, so I moved back to 1st floor, with 3 bars).