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  • 19 February 2020
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I just started using T|Vision, and have ran into a very irritating issue. I clicked On Demand, on the guide, and chose premium (in particular, Starz). I started browsing the movie, and found one that I was interested in. I clicked on it, for more info, and then clicked "add to library". After that, I looked for a way to go back to the movie list, and found no button. I clicked the left side of the "ring", on the remote, and it returned me to the movie list, but back to the beginning of the list. Every time I added another movie to the library, to watch later, when I backed out of the movie, it will return me to the very beginning of the list. This is so irritating, and ridiculous. There are thousands of on demand titles, so starting at the top, over and over, and trying to page down to where you left off, is unacceptable. I really hope I am just not using the remote properly, and someone here can help. If everyone else is experiencing the same problem, then this needs fixed, fast. Thanks, in advance for the help.


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We appreciate you coming to our community and letting us know about this. This is how it is designed. However, we've submitted a ticket on your behalf as a suggestion for improving the experience. Thank you for the feedback!