Tech Support Call Wait Times/Slow Speeds

  • 3 November 2020
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Hi all, new T-Mobile Home Internet customer here. Just subscribed to the service last Tuesday and have been closely monitoring speeds. I have yet to get above 4 Mbps with 4-5 bars service as reported by the app. App also confirms that I am on 4G LTE connection. I tried giving support a call today and have been on hold for 2.5 hours without any human interaction. I want to keep the service but don’t see a reason to if my my only other ISP in the area is cheaper and provides faster speeds (albeit not too much faster at 10 Mbps). Anyone else having this experience with reaching support? Should my speeds be this low consistently?

5 replies

That speed is too low.  You need to report this to support.  I had good luck on their Facebook page when asking about an issue unrelated to home internet.

Turn off WiFi Gateway with slide switch. Wait until all lights are out.  Turn back on.


@Amos54 This was the first troubleshooting step that I took. I have restarted the gateway completely and have also tried multiple different locations in and around my house, all providing “Excellent” coverage as indicated in the app. 

@NikonD7500 Thank you for your input. I didn’t think this was normal but wanted confirmation. I finally got through to support but did not receive clarification on what could be causing this problem.


i have continued to monitor speeds and still have the same results. I cap out at ~5 Mbps.

I have been getting around 0.4-10.0 Mbps no matter where i put the gateway in my apartment. In the app the highest connection quality i get is “good” and if it gets that its a shaky 10Mbps. Most of the time the signal is weak. If i take the gateway outside away from any walls i get 30 Mbps download and 40 upload and in the app it says my signal is very good. But still never see excellent signal. I have factory reset the gateway completely multiple times and I still cant get fast speeds inside my place so I think its time for me to cancel. 


I spent 6 hours on hold yesterday and started my call to TMO about an hour ago this morning and have yet to talk to a human.  At least you have some level of service; I have what is apparently a bad router where the sim card won’t be read at all so i’m paying for completely non-existent service