TMO 5G Home Internet - Super high latency and dropped connections

  • 27 June 2022
  • 2 replies


Hi Everyone - I have the KVD21 and have recently (last 2-3 weeks) been experiencing high latency (>300ms to sometimes over 800ms) on my connection and very frequent internet connection drops. I thought maybe it had to do with my router, but I’ve disconnected it and only using the KVD21 wifi and the same issues are happening.

I’ve called support a number of times and they just go through the normal unplug and plug it back in routine and tower upgrade speech. Has anyone else had similar issues? Any known resolutions? I’m in northern california.

2 replies

Same exact issues here. Customer support has been incredibly responsive and professional, but no resolution …. You know, tower upgrades. 

Sigh. Part the issue is t mobile is doing alot of upgrades to towers right now to phase out 3g and upgrade towers to 5g. So sometimes the towers your connected to go down and u get put on the 4g network. From my knowing is that 5g is in a rapid growth accross the country. You got hardware , firmware and logistical upgrades as well. Unfortunately it won't be the end of this for anytime soon. I run speedify VPN. I use my Hotspot on my phone as a secondary and hardwire the t mobile network device as primary. The weather has a big influence on your connection.