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  • 4 April 2021
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I’ve had TMO internet with 4G white gateway since Nov.  The trees were naked then and wonder what will happen when leaves come out. Download is 1-2 bars with 10-60mbs averaging 28mbs which is marginal.  Tech support was good then and has drastically declined since. If service and support  Contrary to what TMO says, I believe doesn’t improve, I will probably cancel. Contrary to what TMO says, I believe the speed is being limited.


The new Nokia 5G seems to have issues and running hot. Excessive heat is not good and can cause issues.

1 reply

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Probably the same thing that happens to the service at my apartment when the trees start to bloom. That barely one bar of service disappears and WiFi Calling is our only option.  The tower that services us also hasn’t been upgraded to 5G yet but I am hoping that update, when it happens, will improve the service to not having to rely on WiFi Calling 9 months of the year.