TVision channels: Accessing channel apps independent of TVision?

  • 21 November 2020
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I’m currently a Dish subscriber.

With my iPad and Android phone, I can download apps for most of the channels Dish offers and log in to any of them using my Dish credentials.

I can then use the app independent of Dish and watch all of the current programming and whatever older programming the channel makes available. Since Dish’s interface for watching “on demand” programing is terrible, this is a useful feature. It’s also the only way I can watch the subscribed channels when we’re away from home.

If I were to subscribe to TVision, would I be able to do the same using my T-Mobile credentials and be recognized as a TVision customer and be allowed to watch the programming outside the TVision app?






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Looks like it should work.

Picked an app for a channel carried by Dish and TVision on my iPad, disconnected from Dish and found T-Mobile in the long, long list of carriers. 


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I don’t think it will work. On the support page, I found this listed under the heading, “Watching shows, movies, and channels.”

  • Your T-Mobile ID login will not work on other streaming apps (such as trying to log into a STARZ app with your TVision login). 

It may have something to do with licensing agreements at the moment, but I’m hoping this will change in the future.

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Grumble. If that’s true, T-Mobile would appear to be unique among the cable and other streaming services.

Right now, I subscribe to Dish, and I can install the app for every channel in my plan on my iPad or phone and log in using my Dish credentials. 

The feature is common enough that Apple has an automatic login feature which will pass my Dish credentials to the provider the first time I use it.

I intend to keep my Dish subscription while I try TVision for a while. If there are too many sinkholes like this one, I’ll just pull the plug.

Once my Fire Stick arrives (lack of Roku support is already one sinkhole) I’ll be able to see just how screwed up this scheme really is 🤷‍♂️

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Grumble. It’s true. What are they thinking?  

My Fire Stick arrived, so I signed up for a test run. The user interface is AWFUL.

Somehow, Amazon managed to make the interface on the Fire Stick even worse.

I’m actually having doubts that saving $60/month by dropping Dish is really enough to make me switch.