tvision connection issues

  • 27 December 2020
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Is anyone else having connection issues with TVision? I have had the service for about a month and it is unwatchable.  Keeps saying network error reconnecting net-826.  

37 replies

Been experiencing issues since I got Tvision a week ago with my 4 different fire sticks.  The application, when selected, will just load with the Tvision logo before it just disconnects and goes to the homepage.  If I am able to get into Tvision, if I even attempt to go to the guide or change the channel to another one than the last one it was set to — it will also crash and take you back to the home page.  Sometimes I also get this error as well.

When I try to get Tvision support they always mention it’s an hour or hour ½ wait.

Guess it’s back to Sling for me!


My local T-mobile store has loaned me a Tvision hub and has given me a one month trial for free.  I access my internet through DSL over the phone line with Consolidated Communications.  I have a maximum speed of 25 mbs although test speeds are rarely over 20.  My equipment is two dual band Zyxel modem/routers with one acting solely as a router, via wired ethernet, for extended range to the other end of the house.  The 2 bands on the router are 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz.  I initially connected to the 2.4 as this is what was recommended by the installer to use unless I was doing a lot of gaming which I don’t.  At first it seemed to work ok but as time went by I began to notice random buffering.  During the first week of the trial I experimented with various loading to see if my other equipment was taxing my network to no avail.  Finally I switched bands to 5gigs and immediately noticed a change in loading speeds.  I have been running it this way for a week now and have tried it on all four of my sets and I am now experiencing NO buffering!  If you are running similar equipment try-home screen-tools-network/internet-available networks.  If you have more than one address on your router try connecting through the other address.  You should be able to use the same WEP key.  Good luck!

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Also some modern routers have roaming aids.  My ASUS RT-AX88U added a feature update turned on by default that if the WiFi signal dropped below -70db the router would drop the client, the intent being the client would connect to a stronger access point.  Devices farther away from my router started having random drops and it took a while for me to figure out why it was happening.

I agree with pretty much everyone else.  TVision just isn’t working way too much buffering and network connection issue’s.  All our other streaming services work just fine with only very occasional buffering or network issues and we are talking minimal.  But the TVision is to the point of being annoying and unwatchable.  Wish there would have been a free trial we would have figured out the first day TVision just isn’t going to work for us and we should stick with sling.  I was thinking since we where on t-mobiles internet we would have a somewhat better experience than we would with anyone else and I was wrong,  TVision is actually about the worst paid service’s I’ve tried.

Our TVision is completely useless now.  It’s stuck on the home lineup and the selection to change it to the traveling lineup has disappeared.  Instead of the home lineup and traveling lineup selection menu we get a genre menu.  Now we can’t play any stations we might be able to record them but a dvr watch later service isn't what this is suppose to be.

Just got it today and is going back.  Buffers ever30 seconds.


Also can confirm disabling IPv6 fixed the issues.

I can confirm this worked for me as well. Once I turned off IPv6, TVision loaded immediately and works as expected on both FireTV4Ks. I think this is a fire stick/Android/hardware issue more than T-Mobile but they should list this as a known issue.

FTR, my AppleTV4K has never had an issue and worked fine with IPv6 enabled.

I’ve got  IPv6 disabled on my router. All my devices have an IPv4 IP so there’s something going on other than an IPv6 issue.  Not sure mine just switch back to HOME area and none of the shows can be viewed again.  I’m thinking the solution is to switch to Sling which seems to work perfectly almost all the time. At least I’ve never had it tell me I couldn’t watch live TV.  LoL, I’ve been giving TVision a shot and I really was hoping it worked but it simply doesn’t they need to work all the bugs out before they charge people.

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Is anyone else having connection issues with TVision? I have had the service for about a month and it is unwatchable.  Keeps saying network error reconnecting net-826.  

Hello! I apologize you’re having issues. I personally have experienced this issue, however, I have found a solution for TVision HUB’s. Kindly, follow these steps to see if the issue gets fixed. Go to TVision Home > Navigate to the TVision app tile > Press and hold the OK button > Click Info > Scroll down to “Permissions” > Click on “Permissions” and turn on all of the Prompts. Then restart your TVision HUB. Now the issue should be fixed. If not, I recommend reaching out to T-Mobile’s Team Of Experts and request to speak to the Engineering Team and they will guide you to fix the problem. Have a good week!

After the guide being fixed it is back to being locked to the home guide and not letting me watch TV.  There is nothing I can do on my part to fix this because it is something they are doing behind the scene’s.  It would be nice to even have the option to even try to stream it.  These random guide issue’s sure are annoying,   Really thinking of prepaying for some Sling and taking advantage of one of their device offers.

RoFL… Funny VidGo is working perfectly, right along with all our other streaming apps.  For some reason the only streaming service we have trouble with on the T-Mobile network is TVision, go figure.


To get the best experience go into your router and disable ipv6. This solved my buffering problem.

Issues for months, disabled ipv6 and no error or buffering now.