tvision connection issues

  • 27 December 2020
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Is anyone else having connection issues with TVision? I have had the service for about a month and it is unwatchable.  Keeps saying network error reconnecting net-826.  

37 replies

I had such high hopes to replace my cable with TVision. I love my TMobile phone service. But sadly this system is not ready for prime time. I have had to reset my system at least twice a week. Yesterday I had severe buffering issues. And where I live in a rural area I HAVE NO  ACCESS TO LOCAL TV CHANNELS. Know what this means? I cannot watch ABC or Fox or NBC local broadcasting. Wanna know what else TMobile didn’t make clear? If you use their Hub AND their internet you will have this issue in rural areas. At this point I’m very annoyed. Not sure what I’m going to do but if anyone from TMobile monitors this site please know you have a VERY unhappy and disappointed customer


To get the best experience go into your router and disable ipv6. This solved my buffering problem.

I’m having the issue for awhile now.  It is the HUB itself that is the problem.  I have connected it to my phone, AT&T hotspot, T-Mobile hotspot.  I can power cycle and restart it and it reconnects, sometimes for days, other times for minutes.  Think I’ll cancel and wait for it to be available on ROKU or Samsung TV

This is what I am getting, as well, and reset my modem/router combo and still not working. we can stream other services, hosted on the HUB, but the Tvision App on the hub is fubar.

Same here, net-823 Louisville, Kentucky :frowning2:

I am having issues like crazy lately. The good news is that it only takes an hour or so to talk to someone in care. 


This is definitely a connectivity issue on T-Visions side.  I’m a network engineer and I have 1 Gig fiber up/down here at home and I use NVidia Shields to stream and all other streaming platforms (YouTubeTV, Netflix, etc...) work just fine.  However as soon as I launch T-Vision within seconds it starts buffering or fails to connect completely.  Investigation on my network shows the packets destined for T-Vision leaving my network but never getting a response or the response is extremely delayed.  Seems more prevalent during primetime so I’m betting that their servers or cloud provider network is probably being overwhelmed as more users sign in, etc…  Sounds like they need to invest in a better cloud network scalability solution.  Bottom line, they aren’t ready for prime-time so its back to YouTube TV for me until they get this resolved.

I 100% agree with you.  I have tried this service for a week, and it always gives me the same error message during peak times.  I use a wifi6 mesh system and have plenty of bandwidth. No other streaming service behaves this way on my Firestick.

I contacted customer service this morning, and they also agreed with you.  The person I spoke with said this is the way they “stress-test” their new service offerings.  I went through this a couple of years ago when I signed up for their discounted home broadband via 4LTE, and ran into similar “stress” issues during peak times, so I don’t really feel like stress testing another product. 

Fortunately, they refunded my payment for the service I was only able to use for a week. I will return to another streaming service and told them I would revisit their product in the future should they be able to work out the bugs.  I wish they would do their stress testing another way, or offer a discount to customers who are willing to do it for them.  I like the concept of TVision and think the price is great if it worked, but it is just not ready yet to be fully rolled out.

I keep experiencing the same issue with my Hub Kit. My internet speeds are usually around 400mbps. Don’t know why this keeps happening or if there’s a fix.

Same thing began a few days ago. Spooling and spooling.

has anyone talked to the T movile gods?

I’m having similar connection issues but for me it’s only on one tv.  I can connect immediately on one tv (shut that one down) and then go to the other and the T-Vision logo pops up then never connects no matter how many times I try (just goes back to the home page).  It’s been going on for 24 hours now and I’m getting really tired of this.  This service is definitely not ready to launch.

I agree with pretty much everyone else.  TVision just isn’t working way too much buffering and network connection issue’s.  All our other streaming services work just fine with only very occasional buffering or network issues and we are talking minimal.  But the TVision is to the point of being annoying and unwatchable.  Wish there would have been a free trial we would have figured out the first day TVision just isn’t going to work for us and we should stick with sling.  I was thinking since we where on t-mobiles internet we would have a somewhat better experience than we would with anyone else and I was wrong,  TVision is actually about the worst paid service’s I’ve tried.

Our TVision is completely useless now.  It’s stuck on the home lineup and the selection to change it to the traveling lineup has disappeared.  Instead of the home lineup and traveling lineup selection menu we get a genre menu.  Now we can’t play any stations we might be able to record them but a dvr watch later service isn't what this is suppose to be.

Been experiencing issues since I got Tvision a week ago with my 4 different fire sticks.  The application, when selected, will just load with the Tvision logo before it just disconnects and goes to the homepage.  If I am able to get into Tvision, if I even attempt to go to the guide or change the channel to another one than the last one it was set to — it will also crash and take you back to the home page.  Sometimes I also get this error as well.

When I try to get Tvision support they always mention it’s an hour or hour ½ wait.

Guess it’s back to Sling for me!


I hate to say it's not just the hub. I have the hub on one tv, but the app on my smart tv and have been having the save problems with both. I've called for support multiple times since getting it in December and there is no resolution. I can stream other services with no issue, only when I try to stream live TV on tvision... I'm canceling.


Hi there Db1331, I've already canceled T-Vision. If you push hard enough they may at least pay back for the previous month charges. If you haven't had T-Vision to long they pay you back for your equipment charges and your T-vision charges.

Good luck


Issues for months, disabled ipv6 and no error or buffering now. 

Just got it today and is going back.  Buffers ever30 seconds.


I have spent over a dozen hours over several days trying to get myself bumped up to the highest level of engineering support. Supposedly within 3 business days I will have a resolution. Every single ‘resolution’ that they told me to try I had already done on my own, twice. The guy even said I did all the trouble shooting myself. Yup. I KNOW it’s the Hub. So we shall see what develops

My local T-mobile store has loaned me a Tvision hub and has given me a one month trial for free.  I access my internet through DSL over the phone line with Consolidated Communications.  I have a maximum speed of 25 mbs although test speeds are rarely over 20.  My equipment is two dual band Zyxel modem/routers with one acting solely as a router, via wired ethernet, for extended range to the other end of the house.  The 2 bands on the router are 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz.  I initially connected to the 2.4 as this is what was recommended by the installer to use unless I was doing a lot of gaming which I don’t.  At first it seemed to work ok but as time went by I began to notice random buffering.  During the first week of the trial I experimented with various loading to see if my other equipment was taxing my network to no avail.  Finally I switched bands to 5gigs and immediately noticed a change in loading speeds.  I have been running it this way for a week now and have tried it on all four of my sets and I am now experiencing NO buffering!  If you are running similar equipment try-home screen-tools-network/internet-available networks.  If you have more than one address on your router try connecting through the other address.  You should be able to use the same WEP key.  Good luck!

My tvsion isn’t working at all. It keeps saying network error reconnecting. I have 3 fire TVs and none of them work. Please help. 

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Disabling IPv6 worked for me (been a few days without any further issues) with native IPv6 with AT&T fiber at home and a 4to6 tunnel with Frontier FiOS at my office.  They may have recently rolled out IPv6 and are experiencing growing pains.  It is a bummer since I had no problems with any other service using IPv6 (eg Netflix, Prime, etc) but at least T-Vision works reliably.  Since some devices like Fire TV and Android TV 9 don’t support disabling IPv6 on the client level you may need to turn it off at your router.

Same issue here and it’s been going on for a week now and when i call care they have no idea what is going on and said please be patient while we try to resolve the issue but haven’t received a call back or email since we reported the issue.

Also can confirm disabling IPv6 fixed the issues.

I can confirm this worked for me as well. Once I turned off IPv6, TVision loaded immediately and works as expected on both FireTV4Ks. I think this is a fire stick/Android/hardware issue more than T-Mobile but they should list this as a known issue.

FTR, my AppleTV4K has never had an issue and worked fine with IPv6 enabled.

I had no problems the first couple weeks I had TVision. Now, it's constantly unable to connect to the network and/or buffering every 5 seconds. I canceled Sling for this and was able to look beyond the fact it won't work on my Roku tv,  but I'm seriously reconsidering my decision now. This is just getting ridiculous. 

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Disabling IPv6 is still working fine for me.  No problems with T-Vision since disabling it a few days ago.