TVision Day-2, Interface unusable

  • 3 December 2020
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I really wanted this to work, but it doesn’t.  As a software designer, I would be ashamed to put my name on this interface.  I have tried both Amazon Fire and Android phone interfaces.

  1. There is no reasonable way to skip past a commercial while watching a recording.  Every other system in the world allows you to fast forward at 3x or 4x speed and press play when you get to the part you want.
  2. The Guide is totally unusable due to the fact there is no way to get rid of channels I’m not interested in seeing.  Every other system in the world allows you to define Favorites and only display those on the Favorites list.

There are certainly other shortcomings (like the lack of TV Everywhere), but the two things listed above seem to be impossible for me to live with.

In that my Cable contract runs out on 12/14/2020, I will have to decide in the next few days if it is in any way possible for me to keep TVision.

2 replies

I would also like to be able to arrange the channels in an order that’s convenient for my watching.



I’ve given up on T-Vision.  I’ve gone to Fubo connected to Channels DVR.  This combination is more expensive, but gives me everything I want including skipping commercials without me having to do anything.