TVision Guide Favorite Channels

  • 29 November 2020
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It would be great if TVision would add a favorite channels option to the guide. 

6 replies

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Awesome suggestion! 

We do have plans to update TVision based customer’s input. This is just the beginning. :slight_smile:

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Is there a formal route to offer suggestions and report bugs?

Just dropping hints here doesn’t sound like it would be too effective.

The “favorite channels” option is really necessary to make the UI useful… or at least allow the channels to be rearranged on the list so favorites can be clustered. 

Favorite channels and startup chNnel

I agree about the favorite channels comment. i like the home screen favorite apps but tge guide needs some customization features as well.

Just got TVision and like it,  but a favorite channels option is a must if we are going to keep it,  my wife just won't use it otherwise.