Tvision hub picture not sharp and colors are washed out

  • 7 March 2021
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Installed a Tvision hub on a LG OLED tv. The flesh colors are red or washed out, other colors are off and the picture is not sharp. If the Amazon Prime App is used from Tvision hub, picture titles are blurry, the color is off and the titles alternate from filled to no fill. Using the Amazon Prime App without the Tvision hub, none of these issues occur. This problem happens for other apps when used with the Tvision hub and without the hub.

Tried resetting the hub, but didn’t help. Is this a known issue with the hub.


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I am having the same issue. I notice when the device is restarted via the restart in the menu, the colors will return to normal until the tv or stick is turned off. Then it will happen again, also tried resetting the stick without success  

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Thanks for doing the troubleshooting you’ve done already. I’d reach out to our Tech Care team by calling, using Facebook, or Twitter. They can look into this further and have a ticket filed to resolve this.