tvision live pausing

  • 26 November 2020
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When I pause live tv on Tvsion, the max it will pause for is 10 minutes? Is there a setting to extend? 10 minutes is not much at all. 
Thanks for any input!

3 replies

I’ve had the same experience. It’s quite annoying. Should be an hour at least. I’ve also had the same issue with DVR recodings and that seems really strange to me. 


Please work on the TV pausing issue.  When we pause even for a few minutes and come back, we miss what happened and at times the Tv goes black.  My husband said he will give it a year and if it is not fixed we will have to go back to previous provider.  I see from this community that its an ongoing issue and no ine has the capability to fix it and your IT department

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Ah, we might need you to contact our Tech Care team to file a Ticket for this. I’d start by force closing  the app and testing it again. If you can, try testing TVision on another device to see if that works. We have some troubleshooting steps we’d