Tvision NFL game playback is stuck

  • 16 November 2020
  • 2 replies



I just recorded the 49ers vs. Saints and trying to watch it.  It suddenly stopped, I tried to shut down the app (ipad pro) and then relaunch it.  It started playing then got stuck again in the same place.  So I went to my android TV, same thing it has error MED-026-2147089404.  It says “something went wrong. We’re looking into the problem.  Try again later”.  I switched over from YouTube TV and have  never encountered playback issues.  Please help. 

2 replies

Been having same issues with my recordings! Some play but some have issues like the one you had! Hope to hear the reason behind it or that whatever is causing this glitch is solved ASAP 

Same issue here.  I can never watch games live so tried recording 2 different games.  Got through a 1/4 of them and now it's giving me an error. 

"Media error.  That's a problem with playback. Try again later"


Closed and reopened app.  Restarted device.  Tried the next day.  Both games do the same thing.