TVision - Video Issue - Unknown error occurrred playing video. Please try again. (MED-004)

  • 18 November 2020
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Everything I record to DVR will not playback on my iOS devices. I hope this gets fixed soon, or I am going to cancel my service before the first month even finishes. 

5 replies

I’m getting this message too!

Yup, I get the same error while trying to replay recordings on my TV. Sometimes it’s says   it’s a internet issue but the live channels works and my internet works too! So don’t think that’s the case!

very frustrating and hope to get this glitch fixed 

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Yeah I just got fed up with my DVR service and called and canceled T vision all together. I got tired of waiting almost an hour to talk to support so I just called back and spoke to an account rep who took the service off my account completely. There are too many issues with the DVR product, at least on iOS devices and Apple TV. Maybe I’ll try it again in a couple of months after they’ve had time to fix all of these issues, but they never should’ve rolled this out as the DVR service as it is not ready to go.

I get this when trying to watch nbc sunday night football. Tvision sucks cancelling as well. Going back to youtube tv

Yes! I am constantly getting this error too and it is driving me insane! My husband tried so hard to get me to move from Philo and I finally agreed but I am ready to move back. I am constantly having to reset my whole television and Apple TV because it is locking up my whole system with this error. 
I mean, the video will even start going again but still have the error up and there is nothing that I can do! I even double checked my internet connection and it is going strong.. Augh..