Unable to change SSID Name for 5Ghz

  • 17 October 2021
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I tried to change SSID Name from default TMOBILE-XXXX to my old one on my T-Mobile gateway. It worked for 2.4GHz network. But it didn’t work for 5GHz network.

The SSID name is changed to new name for 5GHz network in web under Network/Wi-Fi Networks/5GHz section. But from my computer or phone WIFI, the original SSID name TMOBILE-XXXX still shows up and can be connected. Tried to reboot gateway and it did not help either.

Any idea how to fix this annoying issue?


2 replies

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Did you change them all there is like 12 bands.


After your reply, I re-check all SSID from SSID5 to SSID12. It turns out that both SSID5 & SSID9 are turned on and the latter one has TMOBILE-XXXX. After resetting the name, my issue are resolved.

Thanks for you help.