Upload speed on t-mobile home internet is VERY SLOW-

  • 19 May 2022
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Here in northern Wisc. the upload has fallen to under 5 meg - 10 fold.


What’s going on?  It was great for a few months there.  Is this the new normal?


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There could be a lot of reasons why:

  • Your first few months may be been on a different tower and/or band and recently it changed. For example, when my primary is on B2 I get less than half the upload speed of B66. Unfortunately, there is no way to lock to a specific band at present. You could try to reset and reposition your gateway to see if that helps.
  • If you have the Nokia (cylinder) gateway, many users are complaining about performance fall off a few months after starting service. You can try to get the newer Arcadyn (cube) from TMO support to see if that helps.
  • Something is different in or around your home that is causing interference to the cell phone signal. You can try repositioning your gateway to try to resolve.
  • The wifi channels that your router has selected may no longer be optimal. You can confirm this by testing upload by connecting to the ethernet port of your gateway instead of connecting to wifi.

Many thanks. Good answer. I can’t see what tower, but I think there is only one up here. Wifi is not an issue - there is no competiting signals here in the woods. My MESH network seems to work well.

I was just concerned that there was something amiss. Upload had been like 50 meg - then it dropped to DSL speeds of 6 or so. Now it is running about 8. I should not complain - my CenturyLink 2 line DSL would not get above 5, and the download was 20 max. This is much better than that - even though the signal quality is only 2 bars.  Thanks. Appreciate the insight.