VoIP with t-home internet


I try to use my Magic Jack VoIp phone via t-home Internet with Router TM-RTL0102.

phone is ringing but audio is one way, i.e. I cannot hear the caller but he hear me.

Any thoughts on setup ?



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I just stated with T Mobile Home Internet and needed to work out a few bugs.  (Security IP Cameras, VOIP, VPN).  I too use Magic Jack.   All these issues cleared up once I connected an external wireless Router (Asus RT-AC1200).    My Magic Jack works great now.

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Just got done talking (live Chat) to Magic Jack.   All looked good with the exception on the “Ping”   Magic Jack wants   25ms or less and I’m getting about 31 at the time of the Test.    Magic Jack says that a higher ping can cause some Audio Issues.  Of Course, Magic Jack says to contact “My Internet Provider” about the higher Pings,  and if I did that, I’m sure T Mobile Home Internet Techs would say contact Magic Jack about rising there Ping Tolerances.   

Currently I would say my Magic Jack is working,  Dial Tone is clear,  I’m able to send and receive calls.   So if from time to time (which I had with spectrum too) I have an issue  it is well worth it to have magic Jack for the saving and just deal with an occasional hick up.   We here still have 2 cell phones for back up calling.


Their Comments;  (Magic Jack)

“Since you are going to reach your internet service provider. I will be also suggesting you to ask for them for assistance in opening internal ports 5060-5070 on your router (UDP). These are the ports that allow the magicJack to communicate on your router/modem.

Also, please check with your internet service provider/router manufacturer to check if it's possible to disable the settings called "SIP ALG" on your router/modem. This setting could be interfering with the magicJack service (though it is intended to be helpful) and can cause audio issues specifically​ one-way audio (the other caller can’t hear you but you can hear them and vice versa).

Based on the result of your internet connection, it seems that one of the minimum requirements of magicJack does not meet by your internet connection  (less than  25ms ping/latency), which can cause audio issues and a technical problem with magicJack service. You will need to consult with your internet service provider, they may lower latency/ ping with your internet connection.”

I have exactly the same issue as robertcohrs

Has any got thier magicjack to work with tmobile home internet?


If you have a regular wifi router, connect it to the ethernet port on your T-Mobile gateway and then connect your device to the router and see if it works that way.

Thanks da.down. I tried it with a network switch and two wifi routers, still the same issue. It works fine when we call out. But on incoming calls we can hear the caller just fine, but they can hear us for only about 2 seconds.

When trying the routers I just connected it like a switch. LAN to LAN. And did not create a new network. 


As I understand it, the main problem is that the gateway doesn’t currently support port passthrough where a custom port on the WAN side can be routed to a device on the LAN side. A few have reported using a VPN to get around this, but I don’t know how that would be configured for Magic Jack requirements.



Just a update on how I handled or am handling my Magic Jack/T Mobile internet issue.   So I thought to myself the best way to handle this, (I didn't want to discontinue my T Mobile Internet service) was to remove the Internet from my Home Phone (VOIP).    So I did some research and came across Voice Over LTE (VOLTE).  On eBay, I purchased a “ZTE WF723CA”  Unlocked GSM  Home Phone Base.    I ordered a discounted cell service GSM ($8 a month)  Text/Phone unlimited, no data.   Once I received the eBay item and sim card, I ported in my existing Home Phone number.   I have found that even doing this, (Taking Out the Internet as being the problem)  I still have and had a few issues to work thru.  First, I figured out that I could not  dial “1” in front of the number to call, Just the number and the call would go thru.  Second, The ZTE box if a call isn't picked up it goes to voice mail.  What happens here is when you push talk button you hear a multiple dial tones (Indicates you have Voice Mail)  You have to clear the voice mail to go back to a single solid dial tone.   Thrid, A few times, testing the phone I didn't have any dial tone so I just turned off and back on the ZTE box and the dial tone came back.  There are several companies that sell (VOLTE) service and the price wasn’t that bad.   But I thought I would try the way I was doing it to see if I can save a few dollars.  Just google “VOLTE Service”   This turns your home phone into a cell phone but acts like a regularly home phone.   Call the Cell Service or VOLTE Service to make sure your home phone number can be ported over.   I’m sure if you ordered VOLTE Service you most likely wouldn’t have any issues.   You also want to consider your Cell Tower Signal strength,  (here I get 3-4 bars).   


Just a note how I’m dealing with it, may not work for you….


@bcbob Do you not have a cell phone? Why bother with a home phone if you do? If you don’t have a cell phone, you could put the SIM for your VOLTE into a cheap unlocked cell phone and be able to use it in locations besides home. I had Magic Jack in the past and then I switched to ObiHai Adapter With Google Voice to avoid the monthly charge. I eventually just used Google Voice on my PC using a speakerphone USB device and that is what I found to be the most flexible way to go. 

How to Ditch Your Home Phone for Google Voice

da.down -  good suggestion, with the adapter sounds like it would/will work.   Nice to know there are other options.  But still seems still  needing (VOIP - Internet)   and not (VOLTE - Cell Tower) again but depended on internet. I could say that I haven’t looked into the adapter and google voice much so I could be wrong.


Depending on which gateway you have your VoIP will work or not. the Nokia gateway’s firewall does not allow traffic through SIP ports (5060 etc.) I don’t know the specifics of Magic Jack but if it uses SIP protocol it won’t work.

The Askey LTE gateway works with VoIP phones.

I just went through the pain of upgrading to the nokia 5G and then reverting back for this very reason plus the fact that the speed on the Nokia is totally inconsistent. I have a SIP phone at home with 3 international accounts on it that our close relatives use and we just *have to have them working*.

The Nokia has a Tmo firmware on it which provides a very basic (sub-par) router feature.


We use MagicJack on our T-Mobile home internet, and have not had any issues. I plugged the MagicJack directly into the ethernet port on the 5G device (the gray gateway) and MagicJack works without issues.