volume control with tvision remote

  • 11 November 2020
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1. I recently got tvision remote and hub however I can’t get my tvision remote to control my tv volume. I would like this to be my master remote but can’t get it paired with the tv for volume.

any suggestions?

  1. Downloaded history channel and other apps to enjoy those services since they aren’t included with tvision. When I try and use their live services it asks me to verify my provider. I select T-Mobile and it brings me through a verification and asks me to log in with my T-Mobile account. Every time I do it says username or password is incorrect even though I know they are correct. Could someone with a paid tvision subscription verify this?



4 replies


I am having the same issue with my volume.  It appears my TV volume does work in some instances from the remote and then in some apps only the Android volume in the UI works; this makes it frustrating if the TV volume is already on the low end.   Notably, the TV volume working is sporadic and appears to not work after a timeout or some other event.  I can restart the device and it works in the apps it typically does.  The remote/device should persist the TV volume in all instances and also have a separate setting for the Android device volume.

For the provider issue, it appears the authentication is heading out to the legacy T-Vision service and has not been updated for the new T-Vision Live services.  This also holds true for the Alexa T-Vision App. 

T-Vision Support team, these are pretty big issues from a customer experience perspective.  I hope someone is monitoring these forums and working on solutions to fix them.  If you need specific instances, please reach out directly.

I’m having the same problem with my Visio tv.  The power button works but I cannot figure out how to configure the tv volume.  The Android system volume has no affect either.  

I found a workaround.  This is only for the TVision Hub & Remote.  I set my TV volume pretty high with the original TV remote (25 in my case).  Then I changed the sound settings in the TVision UI to disable surround sound.  On Remote/UI:  Home >Gear Icon for Settings>Device Preferences>Sound>Select Formats>Disable / Never use surround sound.  Once this is changed, it appears only the Android/Hub Device volume is used (you can see the volume change on the right side of the screen) when clicking the sound buttons on the TVision remote. 

It would be optimal if a user could program the volume keys individually similar to the power button during setup in cases where the volume on the TV is not working (I’m assuming the remote setup is mapping standard volume commands based on the power button configured) or if a user has a third-party AV receiver that is controlling the sound which is a use case for many households.


Hope this helps!


Seems to me going with work arounds is going backwards. 
Also, the TV input doesn’t control the TV. Another two take ways from TVision Live.