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  • 17 December 2021
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When I check availability for Internet at my location. In February I was and ordered the gateway. Averaged 70 - 110 Mbps download speed. Now when I check I’m not available. 
 The only that changed is location of my tower. I located the tower and it’s about 8 miles away. I’m February the tower I was connecting to was only about 6 miles away.  Apparently T-Mobile put up a new tower in another location. 
My speeds are ok when I can check. Depends on what bands I’m connected to. B2 for primary and n71 secondary are highest. B66 and n71 has lower Mbps download with less buffering. Band B71 doesn’t have a secondary band and only 100 - 150 kbps.

 Sometimes B2 and B66 are missing n71. Without n71 download speed drops to 1 - 2 Mbps.

I have T-Mobile internet help on tweeter and I have received good help from some T-Mobile experts. But for the most part since I’m no longer in coverage area I’m told that I’m getting expected service.

I have the gateway on wall with LOS of tower and no obstacles in between. 10 Mbps and up are enough for my use. It’s having to reboot and constantly buffering every few minutes when the gateway is switching bands.

 I live 5 miles from city limits. So I live in rural America and thought I was a targeted customer. Turns out rural in T-Mobile terms are towns with less population of less than 100,000!

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