What I think after months of service home internet

  • 3 June 2021
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Well after about 4 months of service I have pretty much the same review as many of you.

I’m grandfathered into the $50 a month so was hoping it would work out BUT the service is VERY UNRELIABLE , its also NOT CONSISTENT and at some times I might see 30 megs down and .2  up which is terrible for up with lots of latency and yet other times I might get 1-3 mg down with 3 mgs up, quite crazy… It seems to have a SLOWNESS that I just get grasp and no matter where I place the unit, no matter if its sunny, cloudy, raining its NEVER reliable. I was hoping they would get the kinks worked out but my hope is fading fast. My home DSL is not fast but it is consistent and reliable where T-Mobile home internet is NOT. Whoever did their 5G map does not know what they are talking about because even though I’m in the heart of the 5G map, I don’t think the unit has ever been getting that speed, even after restarting rebooting or anything else . They also have a HUGE problem with the website for many users that cannot log into there accounts to view status and other features online , they said this would be fixed BUT again it is NOT.  I was really hoping that this would work out but I may have to just into another service such as cable or even try the Verizon home unit that is out now. T- MOBILE I hope your hearing this because many of us are just not happy I have a feeling this is something that might die off after a while… Very disappointed in T- Mobile…. Your Customer!

1 reply


Agree and they don’t seem to care. They are clearly over subscribed on the tower near my house or jacking with the data prioritization. I get .7mb after 1700 down load but upload never drops below 7mb. At 2 am I can get close to 20 down on good days.  They are our only internet option but now its not even worth 50 dollars.