Why can't I watch Fubo, Hulu, or Sling

  • 13 June 2021
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We recently switched from CenturyLink DSL to TMobile internet and we are very satisfied. BUT we can't stream Fubo on our TV, why? I can use my phone to watch Fubo using data but can't watch Fubo on our TV. If TMobile is just providing our internet service how does that prevent is from watching Fubo, Hulu, or Sling on the TV. We used to watch Fubo on our TV when we had CenturyLink.

Thanks to anyone that can help us understand the difference.


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4 replies

I can't answer your question but I came here to get information because I'm thinking about dropping fios but I need live tv. Did you get any answers elsewhere? I'd be curious about what you found. 


Unfortunately I didn't receive any answers or solutions here, from calls to Fubo, or TMobile.

Problem with T-Mobile and HULU, and probably others is, they are not be recognized as a “home” service as opposed to a “mobile” service. I went thru heck getting it fixed, but only on one TV, so had to cancel. By the way, YouTube TV won’t work on ROKU because of dispute with google.

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There is no geolocation function in the gateways. Your "location" will be determined by your dynamic IP address. Try a VPN, that might work.