Why do my SharePoint links and files not open? (on T-Mobile 5G Home Internet)

  • 29 June 2022
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I'm having issues with some Microsoft Office services, e.g., SharePoint and Teams files. Started around 2022-06-15.
This is on my T-Mobile 5G Home Internet

- Issue: Most of the times I try to open a SharePoint link (Excel, PowerPoint) in a browser (on my laptop, on my home network), it can't find the page. Sometimes after 3 refreshes (F5 button), I get the file, and sometimes not.
- Issue: Sometimes when I try to open a MS Office file in a native app (Excel, PowerPoint), it tells me the login isn't working.
- Issue: Often when I try to open the Files tab inside a team channel in the MS Teams app, it tells me it can’t connect.
- Works well: On another network (same laptop, same apps, same account, but via the phone's hotspot or via a public WiFi).
- Works well: On another device (same T-Mobile 5G home internet, but on my phone).
- Works well: On another account (same laptop, same T-Mobile 5G home internet, but my personal Microsoft Office account).

... This is surprisingly specific to my work laptop && my home network && my work MS Office account && unexpectedly works for a bit sometimes.
I don't have much knowledge on networks, so my creativity is limited. Any ideas are welcome.

1 reply


Couple more observations:

I get an issue with another Microsoft account (at another client enterprise) on another browser (Chrome) - when I try, 2 of every 3 tries give me “This site can’t be reached”. So, it’s probably an issue between T-Mobile and Microsoft.

Spoke with T-Mobile’s website chat. They said they are not aware of any issue. They said they’d check with Microsoft.