why does my 5G gateway internet not connect with my computer

  • 23 June 2022
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I am using my personal computer and it’s said it does not let me connect because the security key is wrong but it’s not because it worked fine with my phone. 

1 reply

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If you have checked the authentication type on the wireless NIC and are sure you have entered the password/passphrase correctly then you might start by flushing the wireless network information that the computer’s wireless network card has saved previously. It might be with the authentication type that the wireless NIC is using. Sometimes starting from default helps. If you are working with a Windows PC or an Apple or what not it still sometimes comes down to clearing out old information and starting over. 

Be sure to confirm if it is WPA, WPA2, WPA3 and make sure the SSID on the gateway also includes the type that client is trying to use. If the client only uses WPA and the gateway does not have WPA authentication then you might have to make config changes to allow it or if the client supports WPA2 authentication just set the client for WPA2. Some older clients can’t handle the newer authentication types.