Why does support not answer phones?

  • 20 November 2020
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I received my home internet on Wednesday and it didn’t recognize the sim card.  The unit reports “Not exist” for the sim card from the status screen, and the LTE light remains red.   I tried all the usual suspects (power cycling, looking to reset the sim), and after being on hold an hour Wednesday I was able to get the tech to suggest replacement of the sim.  I got a replacement sim in-store Thursday, although the store was not at all helpful since they had no idea what the device even was.

The new sim behaves exactly the same way, so i’d like to just get another unit sent.   I have since spent over 6 hours on hold with TMO customer service since yesterday and have yet to talk to another human.  I called the general customer service as well using another phone, but they said they can’t do anything to help and just pushed me into the home internet queue and left me there to wait.  

Is there another method I can use besides 844-275-9310 to reach someone for what should be a VERY quick and easy resolution?    

Definitely not happy I’ve been paying for internet for over a week (I started being charged at the time of the order when the sim was activated, even though I didn’t have the device for another 4-5 days). 

What’s going to happen if I have end up with the service and still can’t reach anyone


1 reply


Quick update that I was able to use the chat/messaging functionality to get to someone, who was then able to eventually track someone down in the home internet group to give me a call.  Once I got someone, it took maybe 3-5 minutes to get to a solution (sending me a new gateway).   

Still way too much of a time drain and we’ll see if CS comes through as promised, but at least I’m not listening to the horrid hold music and promises of “someone will be with you soon”.