Wi-Fi extenders for the T-Mobile gateway

  • 20 July 2021
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Is there Wi-Fi extenders with a Gigabit port that are compatible with the T-Mobile gateway. I do not want to use a mesh network or a separate router. Only looking to extend the T-Mobile gateways Dual-Band Wi-Fi. 

7 replies

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I’ve heard some folks looking for extender devices. Like other equipment, we’re not able to guarantee they’ll work. We can leave this discussion open in case there’s others that’ll give their personal recommendation. 


After trying three new extenders including a very high end 6G extender I gave up. instead I purchased a mesh network system which seems to work fine although it does not extend the T-Mobile mash creates its own Separate mess Wi-Fi network. 

Go to settings on your mesh network (usually a local web page). Change the router to an “Access Point”. Hookup Ethernet cable (included with the T-Mo Gateway) to the WiFi router. Then your router access points act as beacons to broadcast the internet to other parts of your house. Works great!


can  you describe step by step Thank you 

Linksys re6500hg. fairly cheep and works great. been using for a year or so. 

Tried netgear, no go. Older TP link worked but only at 2.4 ghz

But you do have to set it up as access point.

Manually enter ssid and password.


@old man : Would you recommend the Linksys RE6500HG as an extender?

Signal from the Nokia router is good, I juts need to extend in the back of the house. Tried different Mesh, and it loses more than anything.

I used to have a router, but the Nokia modem/router does a better job.

Does the link sys do a proper transition for devices when they move between the modem to the extender? I can manage SSID and subnet mask if that is the case.

I transferred over two TP-Link AX1500 WiFi Extender Internet Booster(RE500X), WiFi 6 Range Extenders that I had already installed.

Given no WPS on T-Mobile, it was a bit of a “pain” but once online (locally) to the extender, it was a smooth operation!

It’ been a month and no problems at all.