Wi-Fi seems more stable with 1.2101.00.1609 firmware

  • 25 October 2021
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I’ve had the service for over 6 months now and have been very happy with it.  My journey has not been the smoothest but it was worth it.  Recently I found a sweet spot in my house that gives me around 400 Mbps so I’m happy.  When I found that sweet spot, however, it affected the wi-fi coverage in my home because I’ve not been using the Wi-Fi built-in to the modem.  I have been using an external router for that.  I had to do some re-arranging and get a long ethernet cable to better position my router.

While I was waiting to get the longer cable, I ended up turning the wi-fi on the modem on and using it in conjunction with my router.  I put my router in access point mode as well so I was only relying on the DHCP and NAT from the modem.  In the past, this usually ended with the modem flaking out and needing to be rebooted.  Much to my surprise, this did not happen.  I got my longer cable and re-positioned my router but still have it in access point mode and am just using it to boost the signal to the other side of the house.  I’ve been running this way for a couple weeks and have not had to restart the modem.  My guess is the 1.2101.00.1609 firmware must have fixed some issues.

On an unrelated note, I lost my 5G signal for a while this weekend.  The secondary signal was not connected and nothing I tried would bring it back.  I’ve seen this before late at night and by morning it fixes itself.  This time it happened in the afternoon and was still down in the evening so I decided to call T-Mobile Support.  I have not done this before and have heard a lot of negative experiences in the community.  The support rep was friendly.  I was convinced it was a tower problem and just wanted to confirm it was a known issue in case they were no aware of it.  Initially the response was there were no known issues in the area but after going through some troubleshooting steps and the rep reaching out to another team, she confirmed there were issues in the area.  She said she would call me back today with an update.  I have not received a call today but the problem fixed itself the day after I called anyway so obviously a tower issue.

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