Wifi gateway not picking up local nerwork

  • 27 February 2021
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I just received the Gateway home internet and am super happy with the speeds.  What I am having trouble with is when I am streaming TV with fubotv it states that I am in Philadelphia which is 8 hrs away thus my local channels are no longer local.  I made zip code on Fubo was correct. I was able to cycle the power the first day and pick up a local tower but 2 days later I was back in Philadelphia.  Any ideas on how to connect to a local tower?

2 replies

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You are connected to a local tower.  However, routing to where cellular connects to the ground for the backbone is probably in Philly.  When I am in southern West Virginia, I get an IP address for West Norriton, PA.  There isn’t too much you can do about it from my understanding.  Fubo and other streaming live TV services usually have a grace period of a couple to a few days before adjusting your locals based on your IP.  

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I agree, you’re connected to a tower. You should check out the TVision services channel support page to make sure that one is in your lineup. You may need to have our Tech Care team file a Trouble Ticket for you if you’re still having trouble.