Will T-Mo allow 3rd party Gateway with their Gateway SIM in it?

  • 31 October 2021
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I'm rural and our 5G Gateway can only really "see" one tower and one Band from that tower, Band 12, 700MHz, @-110dBm, two bars on Gateway.

(Band 66 is in the mud at -127dBm)


I get low-moderate speeds but not super.


I'd like to try an alternate Gateway with built-in directional antenna, such as the ELSYS, to get better speeds and redundancy, by putting the SIM from the T-Mo 4G/5G Gateway in the 4G Elsys.


Curious if anyone has done this and if you were able to register your IMEI from the Gateway SIM in an alternate Gateway like the Elsys.

Does T-Mo support allow this?

Many rural users need something better, higher gain antenna(s).







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Nope, the SIM card from a home internet gateway will not work in other devices. 

You might try looking into third party signal boosters or external antennas.