Windows laptop can't find T-Mobile Home Internet network... but all other devices can

  • 10 February 2021
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Just set up my gateway… working fine for the most part, but it doesn’t appear in the list of available networks on my Windows 10 laptop. Phone, tablet, another laptop elsewhere in the house… the network shows up just fine on all those devices.

Any idea what would cause this? TIA!

33 replies

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Known issue on older devices. The Intel WiFi drivers need to be updated.

I have updated the drivers, changed the Channel, enabled and disabled the wifi device. Nothing works. This is a Dell Inspiron 7548.I am very frustrated by this.

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I have updated the drivers, changed the Channel, enabled and disabled the wifi device. Nothing works. This is a Dell Inspiron 7548.I am very frustrated by this.


Have you tried one of the other methods mentioned earlier?


  1. Activating and renaming the SSID of one of the 2.4GHz channels so that it is not shared (basically allowing non-WiFi6 access)
  2. Lowering the transmission mode to an older standard (example, ax/g to n/g)
  3. Lowering the encryption (WPA) to an older standard (example, WPA3 to WPA2)

Just confirming that my problem is fixed by doing what has been said here in this post:

My Lenovo YOGA/Flex 15 laptop (pretty old, from about 2014-5 or so) running Windows 10 needed a driver update for its Intel wireless chip.  I have an Intel N-2760 wireless chip.  Previously I had a driver from 2015.  The latest I could find was a 2019 driver.  Installing the new one fixed the issue of:

1. not seeing the SSID of the T-Mobile Gateway

  1. not being able to connect to the T-Mobile Gateway and get internet service

    thank you

Dell Inspiron something something, about 4 year old laptop.

I had to use windows updater (optional updates) to update drivers. I had intel wifi and a realtek driver that I updated so idk which actually fixed the issue.


I tried installing intel wifi drivers from website and it was ‘up-to-date’. Even with the instel system diagnostic software.

Never figured out how to change channels and stuff. My only options are to use combined or 2.4 and 5 separated. Couldn’t find any advanced settings to do more than that.

All this is a common issue because of the age of your client device(laptop, phone etc). This is because the wireless card in the device does not support the newest 2.4ghz bands that the T-Mobile devices comes defaulted to. 


You do not need to buy an extender or any other piece of equipment, only change one setting on the router. 


You will want to log into the router settings, theses are found on the bottom of the T-Mobile device. 


Navigate to:

  1. Network
  2. Wi-Fi Network
  3. 2.4ghz
    1. Change Transmission Mode from “Auto(AX/G) 
    2. Start with N/G - if your device still cannot see the Wireless Network - go to next step
    3. Change to B/G

Due to the age of the device it is not a big deal to have a lower transmission speed on the 2.4ghz channel - all modern devices will connect to the 5ghz channel or WiFi 6 if your device supports it. 


Hope this helps! 


If you need any other IT Services feel free to reach out to us! 



PROBLEM SOLVED.  I was having the same issue with an older Asus laptop. When I had the 4G LTE router/modem from T-Mobile the network would show up on my laptop but once I got the 5G one the network wouldn't show up on my laptop but it would show up on all other devices. The work around I found was purchasing the TP-Link RE300 range extender. You connect the range extender to the 5G router/modem then connect the problem device to the range extender. In my case it was my laptop which is now connected to the range extender and working fine. This range extender is 2.4ghz and 5g compatible. Not sure if other range extenders would work as this is the only one I own and have tried. Also, I just ran a speed test and there's no noticeable difference in speed due to being connected to the range extender instead of the T-Mobile router/modem directly.


The range extender I bought was only like $30 or $40 dollars and was very easy to set up. 

From other recommendations in this thread, I split the T-Mobile Gateway 2.4GHz and 5GHz signals via and it DIDN’T work. I also upgraded my network adapter’s driver, it’s BIOS, and Windows 10 before trying the RE330 and none of that worked either. 

However using JaimieCF’s suggestion, I purchased a TP-Link RE330 Wi-Fi Extender from Amazon for about $35 AND MY LAPTOP CAN SEE MY SSID AGAIN!


Details (May 20, 2022):

Laptop: Dell Latitude E7240

OS: Windows 10 (Pro, version 21H2)

Network adapter: Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260, driver (even though Device Manager says it’s v.… reinstalling the new driver confirms it’s *shrugs*)

Wi-Fi: T-Mobile Gateway, Firmware 1.00.16

Range Extender: TP-Link Mesh Wi-Fi Extender RE330


tl;dr -- buy the RE330.



Do you have both 2.4 and 5ghz broadcasting? I think some older laptops can’t see both 

I do… interesting theory. Any thoughts as to a workaround? Pretty sure I don’t want to disable either one...

I had the tmobile experts walk me thru creating 2 separate "channels" one is 2.4 and the other is 5G. Just learned though that some newer wifi devices ( Ring cameras for example) won't connect to a wifi that uses symbols in password like #$^ !  So be mindful as you set yours