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  • 18 April 2021
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I am already subscribed to YouTube TV. How do I switch it so I can get the $10 off?


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You have to create a brand new account with Google and use that to get your promo. I was in the same boat and after having to go back and forth between Youtube TV and TM that was the end result.


Can I still use my same gmail account? Really don’t want to change that.

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Unfortunately no. Your Gmail and Google account are one of the same. Again, it's a pain in the  but it's the only way to get the promo. Trust me, I hate having two accounts now but there is no other way.

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Cancel your YouTube TV, then apply the promo when you resubscribe.

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No, that will not work. I already went through all that. If you try it that way the only thing that will happen is that it will try to restart your old account. Again, according to YouTube TV you will have no choice but to start a new account. So unless they have changed something in the last month that's how it probably still is.

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I just was able to apply the promo to the SAME email account AFTER cancelling my existing Youtube TV subscription.

  • Get the promo code from t-mobile.
  • Cancel your existing YouTube subscription.
  • Very important! Wait until your existing subscription actually ends. You will have to wait until your billing cycle date comes. Your account will not cancel until after your current month ends.
  • Wait until you go to YouTube TV and it asks you to subscribe or login. This will confirm that your account is actually cancelled.
  • Then sign up for YouTube TV via the promotion link you got from T-Mobile.
  • You can use the SAME email account you used for your previous subscription.
  • Once you successfully re-subscribe, all your DVR and account settings from before will be there. For me, my wife and kids’ DVR’s were all restored too. Just like I never cancelled, but getting $10 off per month now.
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Here’s the email I got from YouTube TV:

Welcome back to YouTube TV. We're so glad you've chosen to return!


Now you can pick up right where you left off and continue to enjoy live TV from major broadcast and popular cable networks, a cloud DVR with no storage limits, and streaming wherever you go, on any supported device.





The YouTube TV Team


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