youtube tv can't determine my location with my t-mobile gateway

  • 20 September 2022
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I live in Ankeny IA.  Using my t-mobile gateway for youtubetv I used to get tvguide for my local channels. Now I am getting local guide for Minniapolis.  What’s up?

1 reply

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The way the TMHI network is set up, it will frequently (usually?) give you an IP address from a location far away from where you are. That’s just the nature of T-Mobile’s infrastructure, and we can’t change it. But there is a pretty easy fix If you put the YouTube TV app on your cell phone, you can verify your location in the phone app (it uses the phone’s GPS, not the IP address). Then your other YouTube TV apps (on your TV, tablet, PC, streaming devices, etc.) will reflect your correct location.  I have to do this periodically, and while it is an annoyance, it only takes a minute and is way better than the problems people face with Hulu Live.