YouTube TV discount is only for 1 year???

  • 1 April 2021
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The T-Mobile announcement about switching to YouTube TV service mentions $10/month discount as long as you are a T-Mobile subscriber; however when I log into T-Mobile and taken to YouTube TV to sign up the promo code provided for sign up is a limited time discount for 12 months. Seems to be false claims. From the T-Mobile announcement …“just for our customers, and they’ll get that discount for as long as they’re a T-Mobile subscriber, “… Doesn’t really seem to be the case, what is going on?


4 replies

I think I remembering seeing that this will be revisited for an extension. Will check again. 

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The fine print.

After 12 months, users may need to take additional action to continue the $10/month discount on YouTube TV.  YouTube TV offer is available to current T-Mobile Wireless and Home Internet service customers. Redeem by 7/31/2021. If you're currently subscribed to YouTube TV and wish to take advantage of this offer, you'll need to cancel and reactivate your subscription via the unique SMS you'll receive from T-Mobile.   See full terms

It was fraud. Plain and simple. If the offered it for an unnamed amount of time that is what they should have done. It's meant to appear that it's a standing offer. It was not. So....they can stop offering the deal at any time AND You Tube tv only allows subscribers to pull this end run to get a discount a certain number of times. Twice and you're done. No way should a company be allowed to put a completely contradictory statement in fine print.

It's like the bank giving you loan terms for 5 years and putting in fine print that the loan is due in full in 3. I'm going to find out if what they did is legal. In the meantime I'm going to spread the word about their nonsense.

Wonder if the deal was really made with You Tube Tv. They are the ones who benefit.