YouTubeTV Pricing with Loss of NBCU

  • 29 September 2021
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We are currently getting the $10 promo discount on YouTubeTV for switching from T-Mobile TV. YouTube announced that it will decrease its subscription rate from $64.99 to $54.99 if it doesn’t renew its contract with NBCU. With the promo, we are already paying $54.99. Does this mean that our subscription will go to $49.99?

3 replies

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Guess it kinda depends on how it is billed…

Either as the base rate with a discount/code that applies a $10 credit, or are they billing straight up at a reduced amount?

This is something that caused a lot of buzz in the past with the likes of DirecTV Now and Spectrum's streaming plans.  When people signed on to the promotions, they had the impression their rate was locked in unless they made changes to the account.  Eventually the base prices for the services went up--and so did their promotional rates.

What was actually put on their accounts were discount/rebate codes, not a "locked" rate.  So what they had instead was a "locked" discount of something like $10 or $20.  The price for everyone went up by the same amount across the board--but those on a promo still retained their same discount off the new base rate, so they were still coming out ahead of people without promo codes on their account.


A similar thing may happen here.  If the promo was $10 off the published rate, then it may continue to be $10 off whatever the changed rate becomes.

All depends on exactly how they set it up.


Thanks, djb14336!

I looked at my statement and it appears to be a base rate so it will be interesting to see what happens if YouTube TV does cancel its contract with NBCU. I hope they come to terms as it’s a pain to add yet another app to watch NBCU channels. As it is, we already have seven TV apps to deal with...

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SlingTV,  Vidgo, and EyeStream have all worked well for us so far.

Some may not like their interfaces though.  And the standalone apps can be a bit frustrating if your IP changes often with TMO (may have to keep signing back in with your provider to use ESPN app and such on a streaming box).

But otherwise, the services work well enough within their native apps and have a decent bang for their buck.  The question is whether they offer the content you want/need.