Zoom uploaded video images often freezing or breaking up even when upload speeds are good.

  • 10 September 2021
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I am testing the gray cylinder Internet Gateway and have been getting download rates of 50 mbps to 400 mbps. Upload speeds have been 3 mbps to 30 mbps. (Using Ookla SpeedTest.)


Everything was fine for several days until I used Zoom and had other . participants tell me my image was freezing or breaking up quite often. At the time, upload speed was 3 mbps; poor, but Zoom only requires 2 mbps.Nevertheless, I assumed that upload speed was the issue—maybe it had been fluctuating?


A few hours later I had a similar Zoom experience, but I measured upload speed several times during the call and it was 20 - 30 mbps, so apparently this is not a simple upload speed problem.


Any insights or suggestions would be much appreciated.

3 replies

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I haven’t had a Zoom problem of this sort but read the answer from a Tmobile rep to someone who had this same problem several months ago and thought it made some sense. He suggested updating the Zoom app, making sure you’re using the latest version. And if you’re using a browser version of Zoom, try either using the stand-alone version of Zoom or a version with another browser.

That said, my own reaction is that some people have interference or stability issues, even when they have adequate speeds. By clicking on the dropdown arrows of various things in the GUI (web address below), you can get more details on what quality of connection/signal you have. It’s located at


Thanks for passing this on; it makes sense. Unfortunately we are already using the current version of the Zoom  app on my Wife’s iPad which is running the current version of  iPadOS. Although she clicks on a meeting link for some meetings, I think the Zoom app is automatically opened. We also  had a similar experience with FaceTime on that iPad. It’s possible the problem is in that iPad( although there had been no problems with it prior to the switch to T-M), so we’ll try with other devices.


UPDATE: I have had no recurrence of this problem on multiple Zoom and FaceTime calls. It seems there was a temporary problem on the day of the Zoom and FaceTime calls with image upload problems, which were eight hours apart. I can’t think of anything in the iPad that could have caused the problem,and t it is still a mystery as to how it could have occurred even while Ookla SpeedTest was showing 27 mbps upload speed.