getting mlb on my roku

  • 8 April 2022
  • 4 replies


redeemed the free offer . works fine on my phone. tried to use it on my roku. downloaded the Mlb site on the roku. tried to log in. site said it didnt recognize the user name or password I set up on mlb tv when I set up the offer

4 replies

I’m unable to log in as well.  It worked last year on Roku.


Same for me. Works on ipad and phone NOT roku. What gives? Last year worked fine. 

The issue I had turned out to be that MLB had blocked all opening day games so you couldn’t get them anywhere.  I’ve got it working on roku now.  I’d suggest deleting MLB and then add it back to Roku and sign in.  

Can log into mlb on Roku, but there are no links to T-Mobile in getting the subscription for free. What do I have to do?