MLB TV - No access to games

  • 9 April 2022
  • 4 replies


I signed up for the free MLB.TV via T-Mobile. I’ve done it the past two - three years. I was able to watch one single game yesterday during opening day and since have been blocked from viewing in content. Etieher through my phone, computer, PS4 as well as an Amazon Fire stick. Each time I go to open a game, it says either “Video Error - try again later” or I get a message that says I don’t have access to the content. Anyone else having this same issue?

4 replies

Yup.. Watched yesterdays game.. Today.. All locked and no active subscription.  Tried code again. Previously redeemed.



So I called MLB. I was able to watch games on my phone but no other devices. After the nearly hour long call (most of which I was on hold), they had me delete the app from my phone. And re-download it. After I signed back in, there was an option at the bottom to “restore purchases” - its now working with no issues. 

In converse.. I called T-Mobile.. also after an hour long conversation the agent with some help from above was able to restore the subscription with just a refresh of browser..  but it was dead..  and they literally had to send a confirmation to MLB.TV that it was valid.. I have my theories about why this happened but I won’t get into that.. and I won’t be shocked if it happens again.


Having the same issue. Not sure who to contact. Have tried deleting and redownloading app. No luck. Really irritating.