• 22 February 2024
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Tmobile has removed the MLS season pass promotion for this year without replacing it with something of equal value. I switched to tmobile for the perks such as sport streaming. I will be cancelling my agreement as soon as possible. 


They use promotions to lure people in, then slash them and assume people are too lazy to leave. See ya later, crooks. 

9 replies

I am upset it’s not coming back! I loved having it. I even told people that T-Mobile gave it as part of my plan. 

This is a big bummer!

Oh, what a delightful surprise! I just logged in all excited to catch the Inter Miami game, but lo and behold, my pass has magically vanished into thin air! Bravo, T-Mobile, bravo!

But fear not, for I live a mere 10 minutes away from Chase Stadium (new name), so I guess I'll just have to console myself by watching the local games LIVE.

Oh, the sheer audacity of T-Mobile's antics! How dare they pull such a stunt!

But fret not, dear T-Mobile, for I shall bid thee adieu and make a triumphant return to Verizon, where I've learned that my bill will miraculously shrink by $30 a month!

And let's not forget the icing on the cake: T-Mobile's charming little ploy to coax me into leaving my precious Magenta plan just to snag a new phone from them. How utterly generous of them to offer the exact same plan, but for a mere $10 more per month!

Well played, T-Mobile, well played!
You've truly outdone yourselves this time.
Bravo, indeed!

No es suficiente todo lo que se le paga a esta compañía para que nos quite este pass 

No es suficiente todo lo que se le paga a esta compañía para que nos quite este pass 

100% de acuerdo!

Too bad. This was such a cool perk. I advertised t mobile to all my friends over this perk. 

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The MLS Season Pass was such a great deal and it is really cool that you were able to take advantage to it. The Season Pass that we covered did expire on January 31, 2024. I don’t see a current offer for MLS, but you can always check out our current promotions and deals on the T-Mobile Benefits page or on the new T-Life app. 

Hello? T-Mobile? Can you hear me (leaving) now?


The moment this perk has  a real value and Tmobile decided to cut it off. Unbelievable!!!

Really disappointed!!!