Philo Promotion?

  • 2 August 2023
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I plan on dumping Comcast because they are too expensive. Does anyone know when the Philo promotion will be back? The CSR told me it would restart on August 1, 2023 but when I click on the link he gave me I just get a spinning wheel.

6 replies

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Have you tried the link below? I've had the promotion for over a year and I received an email from Philo that as long as I have Philo I would get the discount.


This offer will no longer be available starting on the following dates:

  • Customers have through June 29, 2023 to take advantage of the offer to acquire a coupon code to redeem.
  • Customers have through July 13, 2023 to redeem their offer code with Philo.
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Hey there. T-Mobile has offered some great streaming service discounts and promotions over the last few years. At this time the Philo TV promotion has ended and we are not sure when or if there will be another offer to replace it. If you only have Home Internet service, we do currently have an offer for Vix Premium On Us for a year, Pandora Premium On Us for 4 Months, and SiriusXM Streaming Platinum On Us for 6 Months. You can always Manage your plan, features & services on 

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Thank you for reaching out. Yes, I am now a T-Mobile Internet user. I really hope the Philo offer comes back because the whole idea of me ditching Comcast was to save money.

I hate that I missed this promo. Why do I hate myself so much...


Honestly, I never knew about it until I saw a Youtube video, but by then the promotion was over by a few weeks. I really hope they bring it back.