youtube TV Employee discount

  • 2 August 2023
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I’m a T-Mobile employee. I have the YouTube TV with my magenta max package. My promotion code for the employee discount has expired how do I obtain another code to continue receiving my discount?

2 replies

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Maybe @HeavenM can help you.

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Hey there! I have been scouring our resources to see if there was an extended employee discount for YouTube TV. From what I found, the $10 off YouTube TV offer was for all T-Mobile customers and not limited to employees. When customers signed up, they were given $10 off for 12 months and then there was an extension for another 12 months. I do not see anything about an additional extension, so if you have gone through all 24 months, then it looks like the discount falls off. 

If you can share a snippet of your bill that showed the discount you were getting, that would help me make sure that we are looking at the same thing. Please cover any personal information like phone numbers or addresses when sharing screenshots.